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Re: Need some help sorting this out. AF or Candida or Heavy metals????
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Need some help sorting this out. AF or Candida or Heavy metals????

Thanks Onedaysoon...

yes my husbands death it has been a year it hit my boy who is 6 pretty hard losing his dad.

There is a local place that does hair analysis. I hear that you have to do pubic hair if you color your hair which mine is. I did not know they could tell all that from a hair analysis. I thought it just tested heavy metals, other metals, minerals. Interesting

I will look into as soon as early next month. What I worry about is I dont think chelating with the metal in my mouth is safe. I am really not sure. I guess Cilantro and Chlorella down the line maybe but I am still on my parasite cleanse. Almost over. I am not really seeing much. I thought I say a few days of roundworms once "with the pineapple fast" and another day well just had some bad bloating at 7pm then passed a bunch it was the first day I added pumpkinseed oil and pumpkin seeds at night. Since then nothing. Not sure if the Diatomacsous Earth is killing them so you cant see them or what. This is will continue for a few months once they herbs are finsished.

All I know is if this is "die off" what is dying I guess is my question. Yes I take a lot of supplements. Today I skipped most of them and just took my multi, vit b, and vit c, and magnesium and adaptagens.

I hate trying to self diagnosis but I dont have much choice because a holistic doctor is out of my price range.

I can have a hair test done. I am sure that cant cost that much. I am sure my mercury is sky high. Cadmium too since I smoked (quit for 5 months) for over 14 years.

I also skipped my garlic today. I am not sure if this is candida at all because I guess I assume since I dont get vaginal yeast infections "how could it be candida" But at the same time the garlic was giving me some strong die off reactions of something. As soon as I took it within an hour I was tired etc...

Sorry but what do you mean by NB? NB forum?

Also I plan as tired as I am to still attack hard tues and wednesday as it is a full moon...dont know if there is any truth to that with parasites and all.

I am stilling having "die off" just not seeing many results as far as passing any more parasites...that is why I wonder if yeast could be involved. The only "die off" symptoms though are fatigue, nausea in the morning, and occassional dizziness. Also not sure how much of this is "die off" and what my normal fatigue normally is...although the fatigue seems worse these past 2 weeks.

You are right about the supplements. I am just not sure which ones to stop. I know I need some adrenal support. I have even wondered about getting rid of the other adaptagen's an adding licorice root... as i can barely make it through the day at all....I am keep my eyes open. When my son gets home from school I have just enough energy to help him with his homework, etc.

Just seems like if this does not improve I will have no choice but to go back to some coffee. Sometimes that does not even help me. It is aggravating to not be able to function when you have a job to do. I get easily upset because of just wanted to feel normal again...whatever normal is. My son is my life and I am always telling him mommy does not feel well enough. So easy to just say Depression but I dont agree 100 percent with this either.

I am so frustrated right now.

Thanks for your help and sharing your story.

My boy needs his mom back full functioning especially since summer is coming up and no more breaks for me.

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