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Re: Running out of time, urgent help needed please
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Running out of time, urgent help needed please

Here's what I would do.

Get a Greek yogurt with no fillers, Organic if you can with live cultures. Acidophilus, etc.

And use this in your vagina, I would say an amount that you are comfortable with.

This should balance your flora down there and remove the BV.

I would move over to a cleaner bottled water. I drink Poland Springs because it has the least amount of Fluoride among bottled waters that I know of. To date.

Also has minerals in it, If you go RO/Distilled you will have to supplement the minerals.

I would use RO for cooking.

I still use tap for dishes unfortunately =\. All depends on money.

I can easily say a lot of your other symptoms are what I struggle with.

Most notably the sensations in the head. It's like a bruise feeling. If you push down on it then it feels bruised. It's a headache.

No fun.

What has worked for me is taking LOLA for ammonia. (L-Ornithine, L-Aspartate)

I take Twin Labs L-Ornithine 500mg tablets. On an empty stomach around bedtime. You can take these throughout the day but if you are having issues with ammonia (This is why I am recommending this) then it can make you pass out fairly quickly.

I also take The Vitamin Shoppe Magnesium Potassium Aspartate - 100mg/99mg

It was fairly cheap.

You want to supplement Magnesium. Magnesium helps Vitamin D bind to it's receptor.

I take that along with the L-Ornithine at bedtime too. This helps the body rid itself of Ammonia from the brain also.

I cannot recommend a specific diet to you because I honestly don't know your eating habits or life style. But I can easily say that you should cut down on proteins.

If cutting down on proteins (Give it a week) doesn't work for your headaches/pains and attitude (Which is all due to ammonia) than I would recommend 2 things.

1. Doing a liver flush. The best way I did this was completely take out the heavy foods (Rice, Pasta, ALL MEATS, High Protein, Seafood, Etc) that I knew my liver wasn't able to digest. Eat veggies and fruit juice. If you need something to eat, Eggs and Gluten free bread. However these might upset your ammonia balance.

You also want to start doing enema's. The Enema's help move along the toxins that are binding up and being reintroduced into your body through lower intestine.

I would do a coffee enema every other day if you can. To help move things along.

This is the reason why you are struggling right now because of a sluggish/Clogged liver (Bags under eyes, Ammonia).

After being on that type of diet for a week. On Friday night stop eating anything that you would consider heavy. Around like 6pm. Go to bed around 10-11.

Next day, Just juice and light veggies (Green beans, Veggie medleys, All organic).

Stop eating at NOON. Then around 8-9 pm. Half cup Olive oil, And chase with lemon juice. Lay down.

In the morning you should feel really tired and out of it.

Do a water enema and Coffee enema. This will make you feel a lot better.

2. If you really can't do this (Which I hope you can because you will feel a lot better, I am in the same boat) then you can always get Lactulose. It's a non toxic non digestible Sugar that will flush out ammonia.

The liver is the organ for emotion. You will see how much better you feel after such a small flush.

I still get the floaters (Was looking at them today). But I can think a little more clear. Remember a lot better.

I am still taking the LOLA and will continue the flushes.

Keep me updated!

Oh btw, Stop (I sincerely promise) taking Garlic. It is causing you brain fog. If your digestion is already messed up, I can say for sure that the Neurotoxins in garlic is getting to your brain and killing brain cells.

Check out Bob Beck Garlic is a poison!

Don't eat leaks, Garlic, or anything with onion in it.

Good luck because it's a really good food that's in a lot of stuff.

As for the parasites in the brain, I thought the same because of the pain. But after flushing my liver I don't have the pains anymore.

I think a magnetic pulsar can remove them. Not sure.

Try to relax and know that it's just a bump in the road.

It will take time. But that's what you have =]

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