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Day 21 of my O.J fast and feeling great!!!!
tweetyrose Views: 1,158
Published: 9 years ago

Day 21 of my O.J fast and feeling great!!!!

Just thought I would post an update. Today I reached 21 days on the orange juice fast. So far it has been a great experience. This fast was started to cleanse my body and to avoid major surgery for fibroid tumors that were larger than a grapefruit and still growing. Since day 14 of my fast they have been getting smaller. I only planned to do it for 14 days but at that point I could tell my body was not done cleansing at all. I still had lots of sinus drainage, a coated tongue,digestive trouble, some bowel trouble,and was passing parasites. So I decided to take it a day at a time and see if I can get my tumors to shrink. Here I am at day 21 and still going strong. I no longer have heavy drainage, bowels are working well, tongue is still not pink and clear, but the tumors are noticably smaller. I have also used the Chi Machine, done sitz baths, taken the 2013 Concentrate, 10-12 LBB a day, and P/W/A. I have also gotten some sun on my skin in 30 degree weather (hope the neighbors did not see that), taken walks, started deep breathing exercises, drink distilled water, take coconut oil, blackstrap molasses, and honey. This week I added one avocado, garlic and cayenne to my evening routine. I have more energy than I have had for YEARS, feel social and am enjoying my family and friends again.I really believe that tree fruits and herb bearing seed our are true food. It says it in the Bible and I believe it, now I am living it.:-) It is amazing to me how fruit is so discouraged in our culture. I was on the raw diet for 7 months about five years ago but I actually did not eat that much fruit (except bananas). I ate mostly veggies and nuts.The greens were excellent and the food was raw and more nutritious than cooked carbos but I can see the fruits really are easily uptaken by our system. They are powerful for the human body. I even have white fingernails and they are hard for the first time in my life! So I just want to encourage anyone that is considering improving there level of health and energy and living life with zest! Or even just to find some relief from debilitating sickness to try out the book 1 plan and take herbs.. weed and feed. We really don't live by bread alone.. our poor bodies are drowning in the constant barrage of foodstuffs we have at our fingertips in this country. I am still passing all sorts of stuff out of my lymph system and every where else. I have not eaten anything but a few avocados in 21 days and my body still has more and more to get out. So.... let's go for it and clean our body, get sunshine, and fresh air, eat tree fruits and live!

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