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Emu oil and inflamation of the Gut.
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Published: 9 years ago

Emu oil and inflamation of the Gut.

My son has severe autism, he seems to have a real problem with food intolerances . He can only eat rice, chicken, turkey, beef, avocado and pears. He can tolerate small amounts of food such as 2 slices of cucumber without skin every other day, small quantity of mango daily but as he has candida I try not to give it. He can have a serving of turnips every 3 days. He drinks filtered water. He can't eat eggs but can tollerate better if cooked in a rice flour yorkshire pudding mix and cooked in the oven for a long time. He has vitamins and minerals from Biocare (U.K.) I have enough supply of vitamins to last for the next 2 years and then will have to source somewhere else as the vitamin he has which is made for the intollerant has been finished. He also has Biocare calcium phosphate EPA and Higher Nature vitamin d in sunflower oil. That is pretty much it. When I try to introduce new foods I start with a small amount. He usually breaks out in a rash with nuts like coconut oil or coconut milk. He gets very dark circles under his eyes. His behaviour changes and he becomes very challenging. He can't talk so he can't tell me what is wrong. Today I tried a tiny pinch of slippery elm and he became very sensitised, after having a bath he would not let me put the towel on him as he could not stand it and he did not like me looking at his eyes which has not happened for the last 14 years and is most unusual for him. I tried him on aloe vera on doctors orders and he had a very bad reaction to this and screamed and started to hurt himself. I tried him on chicken stock and broth but I think the glutamate levels were to high and he kept biting his hand. I have tried several natural antifungals and he can't tollerate them, I always try new products about the size of a small pinch of salt. I tried Enhansa by Lee Silsby and again he struggles to cope. He is on nystatin but can only tollerate 3 to 4 droplets at a time as it causes stomach pain in his gut and effects his brain big time if I go over that dose, I once tried 7 drops and he screamed and kept slapping his head. He is on the gluten and dairy free diet. He has the symptoms of candida and a permable gut problem. My pediatrician does not believe in the autism gluten free diet and my doctor does not believe in bodily gut candida. I seeked out a pediatrician privately and he is currently prescribing nystatin. We also tried another prescription anti-fungal but it was no better tolerated and he seems to get on with nystatin better than any other. He went on the gf/df diet as a young child of five years and he is now 15 years. His food intollerances have got worse especially after his hormones kicked in after puberty but what has made his problem even more worse was when the local hospital suggested I increase his calcium and they suggested calcium citrate at double the normal dose and this burned his gut terrible as well as his bottom, it took two weeks to heal his bottom and he had to have fucidin Antibiotic cream to heal it. He was put on omeprazole and it helped but that caused problems after a while and after about 6 months he was put on ranitidine which he was prescribed a higher dose but I have only given him a lower dose because of the candida. There has been improvement in his candida symptoms but he is not clear and still gets die of symptoms, especially dark circles under the eyes. Then last year after his gut got burned by the calcium citrate I was told to put him on probiotics and this is when his candida grew out of control and he could not eat more than one carb meal a day. The probiotic was a dairy free soil based one. He can eat potatoes but I really give any because of the candida. I have started to introduce zinc and vitamin c but this is causing upset stomach. I try to give him a folic acid supplement but again this causes behavioural problems. I source the most tollerant vitamins available to him I can find. Basically what ever I try is not working but I am now going to try an emu oil capsule from Austrailia that is organic as research done on rats showed that it improved mucosal architecture in the intestine during recovery from chemotherapy and decreased acute ileal inflammation and as far as I know there are not any known side effects of emu oil or that is what I am hoping for. Some sites say that emu oil in anti-fungal but whether the oil for eating is I don't know.
is the orally administered emu oil study done on rats. I don't know if there is anymore hypoallergenic or gentle on the gut candida fighting formulations or foods that are good for inflamation. I really hope this emu oil works. If anyone has any knowledge of how I might help my son with severe food intollerances I would really appreciate it. He does not sleep well at night and some nights he does not sleep at all and this is all linked to what is happening in him at the moment. After 14 years I have finally found a dietician who believes in the gf.df diet but not sure how she can help me really.

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