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Positive Elisa, Negative Western Blot
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Published: 10 years ago

Positive Elisa, Negative Western Blot

Hi, So I am going to list my long story below, but I wanted to start of this message stating that I was once a very VERY active girl. I worked out 5 days a week.

I used to skim board 2 days a week and any chance I got to travel out of state I would, which didn't happen to often. I had a Lymes Elisa test done over a year ago, maybe 2 and it came back very positive. The western blot however came back negative and was dismissed as a false positive. I have since gotten worse.

I am now getting dizzy again, especially when driving. It feels like I am sitting still while the world is moving really fast around me. Here is my story. (I tried breaking it up because I've some people have issues with text)

In 2006 I went through a stressful time... bought a house, struggled financially, fought with my spouse, family issues with drugs and prison (not me)and I got sick, my glands in my throat swelled up so bad that I couldn't swallow. I was given pain killers, Antibiotics and a beta blocker to help with my racing heart since I have graves hyper thyroid disease.

I stayed on the beta blocker for a few months because I was never told when to go off them. I decided in around November that I would start to wean myself off of the medicine.

Within a few weeks I one day woke up to my world spinning with vertigo. I went to the dr and was told I was allergic to mold, which I had recently been exposed to in my room. I started taking a daily nasal spray which helped.

Then not but a couple of weeks, maybe longer after that I was getting depressed and my vision was getting weird. The oncoming cars at night while driving would make my eyes hurt and my head feel weird.

Also the fluorescent lights in stores and malls would really bother me. I started noticing that horizontal blinds would vibrate in my vision, my depth perception was off. Then came on the anxiety and depression. I had a panic attack that lasted for close to 2 days.

I felt weird and disconnected from myself. My eyes felt glazed over and I had a lot of floaters that I started to notice in my eyes. I went to the Dr. and asked to be put back on Prozac(I took it for several years for an eating disorder and also anxiety which happened from taking drugs as a teen)which I had stopped the med a year prior.

The Dr. tested my adrenals and everything else and decided to put me on the Prozac and did some all natural stuff too. It worked... I started feeling 90% like myself. But for the following few years there was the 10% of me that didn't feel like myself. I just felt like something had changed. 2007 I started noticing these little wispy things in my vision when I looked at the sky or the ground.

Then next in 2008 after stopping the prozac I had been put on I started noticing trailing in my vision every once in a while when a car passed by me or my dog walked past me in my house when it was dimly lit. I also started having a lot of problems when the sun would start to go down.

I don't know if it was from all of the blue light emitted at that time, or what, but it's like my brain can not handle the transition from day to night. So I got pregnant in February and started noticing haols in my vision around things I would look at. My mom ended up passing away very suddenly in April 2008 while I was pregnant and it really put me in a place of sadness.

I had no emotions at all!!! I got into a car accident in October of 2008 and started getting really bad anxiety and seeing a lot more of those spermy looking things in my vision. Once my son was born I decided to go back on the prozac to see if it would help me with the blunted emotions and my obsessive anxiety about think my son was going to die suddenly like my mom.

I ended up switching to zoloft after the prozac started causing a daily headache/migraine and after a month of no difference. Once the headache stopped I started noticing static in my vision field, and the migraines came back. This then lead to worsening anxiety.

I found that this was called visual snow online and that it starts from anxiety, drugs, medications, migraines, etc. and that it rarely goes away. I was stuck in a "why me" state for a very long time.

I was eventually put on a medicine, verapamil for my migraines which worked. It helped a little with my visual snow symptoms, but they never went away. I am medicine free now and have migraines right before and when my periods come each month.

I also get them when I get stressed out or over exercise, etc. I also sometimes get to where I have moments where I feel really strange and unreal. I guess that would be like a panic attack without the panic? It's like my brain has a mind of its own.

I have been to many Dr's who tell me its all in my head. I am stuck and don;t know what type of Dr. to see. I had an elisa lymes test come back positive, but my western blot came back negative, so the Dr. dismissed it. Maybe my high thyroid antibodies tripped it?

Since then I have battled major anxiety. Driving on the interstate always makes me dizzy since I feel like I am falling or something or like a movie screen is playing in front of me and also my right ear rings, which my dr. said my right ear has some inner ear damage which may have been from the Antibiotics given in 2006 or later in 2008 when I had a kidney infection.

Here are the only clues I have:

.Graves disease with high tpoa antibodies
.Strange illness in 2006 that caused swelling of my glands in throat
.Migraines (basilar diagnosed)
.Visual snow
.Disconnected feeling like I am no longer who I used to be
.Dizziness when driving
.Low sex drive - only interested right before my period starts and right after.
.Ovarian cyst on left and right ovary
.Positive Lyme Elisa
.sun spots on my arms and chest
.cervical herniation and bone spur

I am sure I am missing something.
I used to skimboard, running and throwing a board onto the water at the beach, jumping on it... like surfing on the shore :) Very brutal falls which is why I have the cervical herniation and herniations in my lower back. I used to get tons of sun.

Does anyone know where I should start for getting answers... what tests I should get done and sups that may help? What type of Dr. to look for?

Thank you so much!!!! God bless you for any help you may be able to offer.

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