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how i get alkaline,(and...kelp!)
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Published: 8 years ago
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how i get alkaline,(and...kelp!)

I certainly believe that YHWH/Yahuah, aka God, does care! I don't want to go all religious, but He has guided me many times in which way to go, step by step, in a world of information that can be confusing and overwhelming, even contradictory. For ex. He brought me the "word of knowledge" pepper when I was sure I had no parasites, due to those terrible lab tests. I understood in my spirit that He meant cayenne pepper.

I research it and found it was good for the health, began taking it and...voila! discovered the cayenne pepper challenge test when I saw "white rice."

You did not mention using diatomaceous earth. It may be a great help. I don't think one can generally feel the bugs biting, though it does happen sometimes. I would get a thorough medical exam with diagnostic tests.

You can get better! It took me years of research, but I now feel back to normal, back to where I was before I got sick. My last discovery was kelp! Dr. Lawrence Wilson's site helped a lot on that. Nature's Way kelp makes all the difference in taking care of the hypothorid problems I have had, which Armour never seemed to completely address.

We are so likely to be deficient in iodine! If you are too low, you will never, ever feel better. See Dr. Bob DeMaria's & Dr. Brownstein's vids on the topic, though I don't agree that single mineral Iodine is a good idea and think kelp is a far better idea if you use the right brand.

Doctors almost never test for iodine. If you ask them about it you are likely to hear the topic (which they have likely never studied, like natural health helps in general)
being pooh-poohed. Happened to me. But I didn't listen to the doctor. (And that was by no means the first time I ignored one of them, and was so grateful later that I did.) I listened to my body.

I'm sorry I didn't see your post sooner, but hope you get this response and that you are doing better.

Re ALKALINITY, what helped me in case it can help anyone else. I was eating, I thought, a good amouhnt daily of fresh fruits & veggies, yet my ph papers would too often say 6.5 or just barely 7.0 and the optimal is a bit over 7.0. For some reason at those levels my energy would sag. I am just fine at even 8.5, though that may be too high.

Anyway I tried baking soda & apple cider vinegar as Ted from Bangkok on Earth Clinic suggested. But I felt the B.S. was causing some mild pain in one kidney, which was concerning. So, followoing a suggestion here on CZ, I started drinking a quart of water a day, with a straw to protect my teeth, that had 4 capfuls of acv in it. I sip this throughout the day, along with some plain water on the side to get rid of the taste which I don't like too much. Also I think acv may be a little too abrasive for the mouth & esophagus on a continuous basis.

Well, that did the trick! When I am away from home I have acv tablets in my purse. I found that NOW brand seems very good. You can smell the ACV coming from their caps, and to me that means its the real deal.

No more hassle with baking soda. Yea!

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