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The Difference Between a Novice and a Black Seed Expert
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Published: 6 years ago
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The Difference Between a Novice and a Black Seed Expert

Would you ask a carpenter to give you heart surgery? Then why would you trust someone who is a novice in black seed prescribe you a treatment that may harm you? Let me give you an example.

Hopinso wrote:

Here are some questions I have wanted to ask for a long time. First I have been in a wheelchair for six years because of nerve damage. I am not paralyzed just very weak and no balance. Can black seed help damaged nerves and ease almost unbearable pain? Secondly, I am pre-diabetic. I have high-low swings in blood sugar. How would I take black seed for this? Finally I have huge blood pressure swings and irregular heartbeats. How can I use black seed for all these conditions, or would it even help?

We love Raw Honey Wrote

Hello hopinso. I do know that black seed and its oil, lowers thee blood pressure naturally, so be careful there. If using black seed oil, you should take a teaspoon with a spoonful of RAW, UNPROCESSED, NATURAL HONEY or some natural fruit juice, in the morning before breakfast (up to an hour) and at night before bed. You can also take a tablespoon of the whole seeds and crush them and take the same way. I have also rubbed a drops of black seed oil on my hubby's achy muscles, legs, neck, back etc. so it can be used topically as well hopinso. Try taking it as advised, just two teaspoons with juice a day and see, how u feel. I pray this helps and for your recovery.


My response:

First we have a woman in a wheel chair in awful awful pain and pre-diabetic. IN addition to that she has fluctuating blood pressure and severe nerve damage. This woman is in very bad shape.

First remember that black cumin has drug interactions with certain medicines and the very first question should have been what medicines are you on? No prescription for black cumin can be given without first knowing what harm it may do to the patient.

Second now we have pain. Not slight arthritis pain, but horrible horrible pain. This needs a remedy not just rubbed on a joint. If you prescribe the wrong remedy, the patient will bolt after day one. The first thing you want to do is know enough about pain and remedies that you know what will work. Cayenne is great for pain. In fact cayenne will work better for immediate pain. Taking black cumin daily will help with pain, but not stop it ASAP. Studies have shown that black cuimin will reduce inflammation and thus aid in the pain recovery and studies showed that participants reported less pain with regular use.

Now we have a prediabetic which means no sugar and all honey is a sugar. Although raw honey is only 30 percent sugar compared to processed honey with is 70 percent. So if you are going to prescribe honey then you want to prescribe it at reduced amounts, such as 1/2.

But for me, I prescribe capsules or powder. I try to stay away from honey as much as possible. The outcome of the patient is most what I want to see. So now the recommendation for 2 teaspoons a day is not correct. The correct dosage is 3 teaspoons a day of oil or substitution of seeds with 2 1/2 times that and not 1 hour before breakfast, 1/2 hour.

So now what I would recommend is a 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice only with 1 teaspoon of oil, mid afternoon ` teaspoon of oil without anything and before bed 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey with 1 teaspoon of oil.

Give anyone juice before going to bed and you will be doing the hairy gig all night. An expert knows that juice and black cumin gives energy and you want the patient calm not active.

So now you see you need 3 teaspoons of oil daily. 1 ounce of black cumin oil has only 6 teaspoons of oil, so a 1 ounce container of oil will last you only TWO days. So you will need 15 bottles of that oil or a larger size which is more practical.

The reason I prescribe 3 teaspoons is because of the incruciating pain, pre-diabetic and nerve damage. You have to look at the entire package when prescribing black cumin.

Always on an empty stomach unless taking the seeds. The oil should be rubbed on the sore points also and inhaled in the nose. I treated a woman with bells palsy and she is cured now by 90 percent. The remedy I gave her was to put a few drops on each nostril and taking the oil daily.

If I had a client with this many problems the first thing I would tell her was to buy the best oil you can find. A grade 2 oil is not recommended.

Another misdiagnosis by Miss Novice is she stated to be careful about black cumin causing low blood pressure. DDAAAA, go read some more. Black cumin lowers high blood pressure, but regulates low blood pressure and fluctuating blood pressure, so a high quality black cumin will help. Check out my recommendations at the top of the forum when considering which oil to take

The final part of any prescription is faith. If you do not believe in the prescription, then don't start. Faith in your creator who sent the remedy is what will cure more than the remedy itself.

I came to Curezone to help and to remedy. I came to Curezone because I became well. I came to Curezone because of a real need. I leave Curezone because I have been insulted enough.

But before you trust a novice, inexperienced copy and paste spammer, remember an expert is what saved your life.

As Always


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