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We have done all like the doctors:focus on disease,not on body balance
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Published: 6 years ago
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We have done all like the doctors:focus on disease,not on body balance

I have posted many post, trying to figure out what disease I had, and you all see it. But now i realized that: what disease, what bacteria, what microbes, what parasites, are all not important, important is:your body immune system, your body balance!!!
Doctors try to figure out what things they need to kill on your body, at the same time, they weakened your immune system.
these years, by re-buiding my immune system, with more balanced food, and exercise daily, i'm getting better and better. I look younger, my skin start to become smoother, no more itchy head. I did a lot of things for myself. But I need time to sort it out, and how i share that people will hear and discuss, and do not overwelm others.
I do push ups, run, weight lifting(from 2 of 3 lbs, now 2 of 5 lbs, aim to 2 of 8 lbs), arm and leg movements daily, made me fresh and energetic. I teach language and math for kids, play and sing and dance with them.
I have a lot to share about basic well being. After 15 years rely on docs, and live like hell, now i take charge myself, and i finally set myself free. no longer frequently go to docs, go to emmergency room, no more meds like daily food.---docs said I need to take steroid and antihistamine all my life:Here I am, got flu once a year, and get severely sick, if i ever take meds from doctors!!!!and I have to get online, and ask many retired doctors how i could recover, and i did. and i come here and share with you.
I was sick from 2011 fall until spring of 2012, and fall 2012, i got sick again, and I refused to take doc's med, and I was well after 3 weeks---the body needs time to recover, and meds might just mess it up. It happended to me too often, and i finally woke up.
Here I am, after 15 years, finally feeling i'm myself. free of here itch, there itch, free of here pain, there pain. all my children seldom get sick now, last year, my son never gets sick.he got flu last Wednesday, but almost recovered, just a bit cough and running nose, a few times a day now.
Gone the days we have to go to docs all the time. all thank to www, that i can see how other people are doing, and benefit from others.
Medicine has become such a big business, that we, the people might have becoming tools, instead who need care.
lets care for each other, with honest and sincere, so our kids will live with truth, and less suffering.
Eastern medicine is thought of not scientific, but the idea of body balance, and my true experience of recover from it again and again, made me going back and believe in it again. I see western medicine as successful, but for basic well being, i now go back to eastern medicine phylosophy, i do not trust eastern medicine, but I trust the idea of body balance now.It's so nice that i can buy all the ingredience online, Us made, food grade. I trust the US food system far more still.
I will focus on a certain diet, and then after 6 month, i 'll do a free health check up, and see how my body changes. no hunger treatment.
I have learned to control my weight now, while most ways on the market teach a way that make you lose weight temporarily, but in the long run, you'll get bigger and bigger-----the truth is always hidden. I take care of weight now, since i found out after losing weight, my blood sugar, fat, chlosterol all go back to perfect.
next time, I'll test my T3, T4, see if I have too much idodide in my blood, which will cause a lot of body sickness, and doctors will never find a right cure, unless my syptom is severe---by then, i might have taken too much wrong medicines, and my body harmed too much already.
I might sound very naggy to you, just ignore me, and not read my post then.

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