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Re: Infected Root Canal Symptoms I experienced

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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Infected Root Canal Symptoms I experienced

I had a root canal that started giving me problems, the root canal was hot and cold sensitive and I avoided chewing on that side of my mouth because it was painful. The dental x-ray didn't show infection my old dentist took some x-rays of my root canal he said it was " loosely packed" Well, when I told my new holitic dentist that it totally cued him. He quickly, suggested, that just maybe the root canal had Sargenti Paste(formaldehyde) N2,RC2W they apparently used that in the 1980's for sure and I think he said in the 1990's too. So, now let's think about that FORMALDEHYDE in your body ! Just google it and get ready to be shocked!

My symptoms: began with nausea, rash, low grade fever,
flu like feeling, then went to dry heaves, shortness of breath (lung inflammation), dizziness, exhaustion, foggy headed- cognitive processing slowed down, my heart seemed to be beating louder at times my weight fell to 99 pounds. I noticed meridan channels appeared inflammed especially on face, neck and lower back, my neck was stiff for a few months. One day my foot was dragging another very scary day. Then I started getting felt like sore throats 2-3 times a week, I kept gargling with water and cayenne pepper. I now had eye strain my eyes itchee they were red and my vision was not so good. I tried all the stuff my eye doctor gave me and I bought tons of stuff That only dried my eyes out even worse, nothing helped, but a honey water and apple cider vinegar mixture. Drinking Sea Salt water followed with peppermint spirits was helpful and drinking black steeped tea with fresh ginger helped too.

So, we began to turn over every stone to figure out what was causing this. Scans, x-rays, MRI all the specialist you can imagine as well as exploratory surgery. Since I just had the root canal time will tell if that was the cause I'm pretty sure it was.

When I first became very ill I would go to an Urgency care close to my home only because I was so sick I could only stand to be the car for ten minutes tops! I saw a lot of old style doctors at that old style clinic :) They were really nice but just seemed clueless, I mean clueless. Thank God for chinese medicine that at least got a lot of the symptoms under control so I
could continue my search more comfortably.

The key is to find a Biological dentists, also known as holistic, or environmental dentists These dentist usually have a mercury free practice. They should have no problem writing a referral to an oral surgeon for removal of a root canal. We requested that they grind away 1 mm of the bone to make sure that this gets rid of the infection, and they sterlize it completely. Read The Root Canal cover up. The oral surgeon knew all about it and did it happily. The dentist suggests 3 days of Antibiotics after this procedure to make sure the infection in the tooth does not circulate throughout the body or to make sure the extraction doesn't lead to infection. I went to my dentist on Tuesday had my extraction the next day! The total out of pocket cost was only 931.00. The implant cost is yet to be discussed. We pay for medical insurance and pay out of pocket for dental this has proven over time to be huge savings.

Doctor are only human, they look at the signs, symptoms, risk benefits, they order tests, read tests and make a decision based on those tests. If the tests show everything is normal. Well, the poor doctor only has one card left to play and that is the stress card, well that only further infuriates the poor suffering patient that needs, answers, at the least some ideas of what to do next since their pain and suffering is valid and totally real, not imaginary. When I worked in mental health I saw more people with imaginary illneses, than real valid illneses. LOL

The best thing you can do for yourself is ask around and find a progressive critical thinking doctor one that is both an MD/ND or MD/chinese medicine background from my experience it seems they the doctors have more information to draw from than, " here take some prozac and float off into the clouds!" :)Seriously when your seriously ill you need family and frienda support, a strong advocate in the midst, you need medical providers that think outside of the box that will help you on your way to wellness. If your too sick to do research find someone that will do research for you.

Side Note* as most of you might know regarding your blood work for an MD if your fall into normal range they do nothing and an ND addresses it differently if you are right on the verge of low or high if your are just teetering they will address it right there and then which makes total sense to me and more exact.

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