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Re: Bloodroot Near my eye.....
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Bloodroot Near my eye.....

You know what, I put black salve/blood root all over my face at one time, including my neck. At first, after the scabs dropped off, my face looked like a burn victim and I was afraid just like you.

Now that it is continuing to heal, the new skin that comes back is beautiful like my childhood skin.

I don't agree with reapplying it after 24 hours, as that is too aggressive. But, that doesn't mean that you won't be OK.

My friend had skin cancer and had it removed by an M.D. She had a line about 4 inches long going up to the eye. Then, they scooped out flesh as though someone had taken a melon baller (kitchen instrument to scoop melons and make small balls with them). Then, they pulled the skin together and sewed her up like Frankenstein.

She let it heal and had a terrible scar. My dad's skin cancer on his arm was the same way; they dug very deep on his forearm almost down to the bone.

My girlfriend decided to put black salve on her surgery site (the Frankenstein scar). Actually, she used the salve with DMSO and put it all over her cheek. It lit up and all that white stuff coated the surface. She started doing one side of her face at a time, and then the other. She has done pretty much her whole body. People ask her what has she done!! Her face looks new and young. NO ONE CAN SEE HER SURGERY SCAR!!!!!!

She also got some of the salve in her eye, and it burned. I don't know what happened, and why, but her eyesight is 20/20 again and her eye doctor wanted to know what she did the past 3 years since she had been in there. She no longer needs glasses. Of course, she is doing smoothies and green drinks and eating well. Who knows, but it's great!

So, the black salve actually cleaned out the surgical site AND eliminated her hideous scarring. I feel like I've gotten a complete face lift and my wrinkles have decreased. I'm still healing from 12/21/12, but my skin is coming back very soft and peach-fuzz like - like when I was a teen.

I only mention the maker of the product I used, because there may be a difference in ingredients out there. I do not make any money off that site!!

One thing that I noticed on my face was that I'd get painful bumps that I thought were scars. The were not: they were like zits with more of that sandy, sharp stuff trying to get up to the surface. I did use more black salve lightly on a couple of areas where that was happening, and it did help a bit.

I plan to hit areas several times until nothing lights up.

My other friend had Breast Cancer surgery and she used the same black salve that I did on her surgical site. She had so much inflammation and fluid after her surgery, and the dr. tried to relieve her of the fluid by inserting a needle. I did not work. Well, guess what?? The black salve worked!! It pulled out all that pus and infection......and also has helped her to finally be able to sleep at night. She plans to keep going with using the black salve and her scar tissue is also improved much over what the post-surgery site looked like.

I have read and believe that surgery only stirs up the problem, and causes the cancer to metastasize. The great thing about the black salve is that it will draw/destroy and remove the unwanted tissue and fluid and will then grow back the area the way it was supposed to be.

I would not recommend people doing what I did - putting it all over the face at once. I have seen pictures of what it can do to the nose and ears, and I was fortunate. I do have a chuck missing out of the side of my nose, but it is healing back. That was a spot where I always got painfully deep pimples... most likely a draining spot from my sinus. So, the black salve went after that tissue. It is growing back but if there is a problem of slight deformity or scarring, I would be happy to do some scar revision as the black salve has probably saved my life and has certainly given me a face lift and chin lift... and made my complexion overall better!!!

I got too aggressive (like you did) going back over an area in my cleavage area, and I have a 'hole' there. It is healing nicely, but I will have to do many things to keep it from scarring. My hypothesis is that I will need to hit it again with the salve later.

I'm not afraid of it, and I feel like the black salve has saved by life. I am very pleased and content with my experience. I plan to continue to hit more and more areas like my friend has. She even did her scalp!

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