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Image Embedded day 6 enema - parasite results!?

Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Hookworms? Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Natural Cancer Remedies
You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!

purplepixie Views: 16,143
Published: 8 years ago
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day 6 enema - parasite results!?

Well day 6 of this parasite cleanse and i had to do another enema today - although my small intestine is moving about like crazy - especially when i'm laid flat...i just knew that my large intestine was 'stuck' and there was absolutely no peristaltic sensations at all.

I did a clearing enema - didn't feel as nauseous as yesterday - cleared a lot of waste out - again, the width of my stools are very narrow - like a thumb. They float, are light coloured.

But TODAY - upon closer inspection of the contents i see these white white sweetcorn. I obviously don't know how many altogether as i didn't use a sieve and was observing the top contents of the toilet bowl...but there were white things IN the stools aswell as some free floating.

I fished one out with a cotton stick...and prodded it...and it was a texture just like window putty. I prodded it to see if eggs were inside...but it was a whole solid shape. Kinda sticky upon prodding it.

I google image to do a search and found Tapeworm segments:

The picture above shows the exact shape of my white 'sweetcorn' bits. (dog tapeworm?! - Didn't think these could cross to humans?)
The bits also had like a little protrusion at the top corner - and opposite bottom corner.
(i originally thought they might be fat - but have not changed the fat food in my diet and never noticed these things before doing the parasite cleanse)

I flushed it all as i didn't want to fish for long due to the smell. I don't know if everyone else finds that with enema's but my poop really does pong when i do an enema!

I then followed with coffee enema - intending to hold it for 15 mins - but i barely managed 5 mins and HAD to release it. So upon the rather quick release of this enema i was shocked to observe some weird objects!

More white blobs - with some also looking like rice.
And some red rolls of something. I fished out the longest roll - and some smaller bits. It looked like a membrane or something - just like tomato skin - except much tougher, more like plastic, and the red turned out to be blood - which washed off leaving the orange tinged membrane.
WHAT on earth is this stuff?! I swear i don't have a plastic-eating fetish!

I did another google image search and this picture of another curezone member is EXACTLY what came out of me! (except i didnt see the brown fluke looking things):


I did take pics but not sure how to upload them within this message so ill try putting them on my profile.

Next time i think i should expel into a collander type sieve so i can really gauge exactly what is exiting me - i didn't probe too much and a lot of stuff came out. It does kinda make me gag somewhat!

Most importantly - im concerned that whatever is inside me is going to try to emigrate now they're in the danger zone of para-herbs - and as i'm more than likely a leaky gut candidate - what can i do to eliminate this occuring? Should i increase the worming dose? Take it more regularly? Anyone know of the maximum dosage for these herbs? - i'm willing to do whatever it takes to remove all of this even if it means feeling more ill.

Do parasites become tolerant to these herbs after a certain time - like candida with antifungals? Should i add something else to the mix?

Straight after doing this enema not only was my left eye twitching still - but my bottom lip started twitching!

I think i'm going to have to do daily enema's to try to get all this out quickly - due to my bowels just locking up. I don't like the thought of putrefying foods aswell as dying parasites.

Thanks, as always for any suggestions :-)


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