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Re: Pinworms going strong for 2+ years. HELP!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Pinworms going strong for 2+ years. HELP!

Hello midnight...

really sorry for your problems - i too have this problem and try to figure out how to solve it.


did you tried the schotch tape test? stool test are useless for pinworms. i am 100% with you "Delusion my ass!" same experience with doctors bla,bla, you know it. all my head...God help finally and found an old lab doctor who agreed to do the scotch tape test. after 4-5 years since the infection started... but did not feel so much in this time.

besides what you have read here is what my experience showed me:

- reinfestation in the familly is frequent and if one does not follow treatment/hygiene - is the same

- reinfestation from outside house is frequent: food handlers, kids, you can be as much hygienic as you can indoor

- diet is important: try finding alternative to bread, sugars of any kind, junk...(althoug its tough with kids); try introduce more oregano, horseradich, basil leaf even dried, turmeric

- timing, lenght an dosage is important - you'll see on the NZ site they recommend between 14-20 days, someone on CZ told me first time should last 1 month if you're heavy infected.

- colon cleansing its important - try have daily BM - i dont and I have the worst symptoms.

- liver support during cleanse its important

- probiotics after its important.

 here comes the second part:


I believe its the approach that bring succes. Here what gave me relief in the past when a practitioner tried to help:(still after returning home living with my parents the infection came back - this is important)

- colonics 1 per week/5 weeks - seems its improtant to clean colon first; some use also enema but it was not the same. good colonics helped

- diet; no sugar at all, less carbs, no diary no grains (i could keep it more than 3 months); veggie a lot, meat, 1-2 small apples perday

- each day mashed garlic with food, coconut oil, vitamin C, clean non diary probiotic (I can stand diary) bifido and acidophilus

- shower each day, now i'm showering 3 times/day and its the same.




I tried also local supps that brought some help; one powder capsule with (i'm putting latin names) Herba Serpylli, Radix Gentianae, Herba Absinthi/Wormwood, Cortex Frangulae, Radix Inulae, Flores Chamomillae, Folium Alli ursinii. First time was ok second time they change formula putting maltodextrine - NOK anymore.

750-1000 mg morning first thing and evening last thing for adults.

Found an interesting one in NZ (I'm Europe based) and Some dietary advice which i think its important togheter with proper colon cleaning.

- you might look to the dosage timing and herbs and find some similar in your country or else...

A good one is alcohol-free extract Black Walnut & Wormwood complex from Natures's Answer (iherb). pay attention is not very pleasant .and for kids its too strong maybe but good results.

you may find other ideas in some of my previous message regarding diet or so...

good luck



tried vermox -ok for 1 day. albenda - better several days. same experience with garlic make them angry. black walnut - angry. propolis tincture - same. unfortunately i also have leaky gut and they enter the liver and lungs.

tried also wormwood - first time was better second time not so...diotimaceious earth- not yet should try but have AF dehidration. i 'v read somewhere that when you kill the female new larvae will hatch.


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