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Re: The END of candida !!!!!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: The END of candida !!!!!

Dear Readers,
I have made a mistake to suggest use of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement in my letters at cure Please disregard all my comments regarding Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

Instead, I have been working with Blood Root capsules, at doses of 0.20 grams per capsule (size of capsule is "1"), for several months now. I personally believe my Canadida is leaving my body.

A short google search will reveal a full Blood Root powder dose (per day) is 3 times 0.20 grams (three capsules). I have been taking Blood Root for only a few months to date, and i can not take more then one dose of 0.20 grams per day. If i try to take two doses per day, my stomach is not at ease at all, and i often get a small headache too.

This is my current plan:
I take one dose per day for 2 to 3 weeks. Then I stop taking Blood Root doses for 1 to 2 weeks. I repeat this procedure several months at a time. Results: I suspect this is the safest method for taking Blood Root internally -- for the long-run.

To break from taking Blood Root continually, seems to give my immune system extra power in clearing body of candid and other invaders within my body. As if I am giving myself a shot of medicine, then letting the body's immune system do the cleaning up of all the dead candid (yeast cells) and/or other invaders!

Please note: I may try to increase doses to 2 capsules of 0.20 grams each in a month or so. But to take Blood Root powder (always in capsule form) for the long run -- well at this time it seems not possible. Even so, if I do get to the 2 doses per day level, i will then go back to using a "honey bucket" to prove-out if candid is dead or not within my system (see my past letters at for instructions on doing your own piss-pale tests)!

By taking smaller doses; a few weeks at a time, then stopping a few weeks, my body seems at ease with itself! I do not have any rashes or painful open sores on my face, and I feel better.

If this is of interest to you, be sure you get Blood Root grown only in USA, and make your own pills with a capsule machine (available at many herb sellers).



p.s.1. I am continuing my Blood Root capsule making and consumption into March 2013 timeframe. I personally believe I have impacted the Canadida in a major way. I have ordered Blood Root powder from an American only supplier and with capsule machine, size “1,” will continue to make the capsules weight plus Blood Root powder to 0.30 grams total weight. In fact, I will go to the 2 pills per day level for two weeks, and then stop for one week! I will do this for all of March and April and then reduce to 7 days taking and 7 days not taking blood root pill doses.

Then I will set up my pissing pale routine I call, the “honey butch” test (discussed in other letter I posted at I have also ordered root herbs: dandelion root powder, nettle root powder and passion flower powder. All will be put into pill form, with desiccant and oxygen absorbing packs.

p.s.2. I am currently doing 2 doses for month of April and May. I can keep the candida out of my gut and urinary tracts, but the nightly saliva consumed puts more candida into my digestive tract. This basically is saying to me, that i can control my digestive tract for one day only, and every day thereafter i need to take Blood Root pills. It also suggests, that candida must be killed at the body-cellular level to really get rid of it!

I am not happy with this level of success (Gut is free of candida for a short while), and will try additional herbs to help rid body of candida infection. To dissolve gold it takes three acids, I believe to be free of candida is going to be a similar situation. The idea that it takes expensive type drugs to be free of candida is something i wish to accomplish here. For example, $200 in medicine per month to be free only for a short while is not my kind of cure Doctors!

more help below:

The above paste-in is very nice useful info on candida help! Enjoy!


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