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3 1/3 years post, 32 weeks pregnant
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Published: 10 years ago

3 1/3 years post, 32 weeks pregnant

My Mirena was surgically removed from my bowel area in Oct. 2009. I’d had it almost 3 years. I got pregnant on the first try last June 2012, but this has been a very rough pregnancy. I’m not sure if it’s the scar tissue from the Mirena perforating, nerve damage, or what, but I have had daily stabbing pain since about 22 weeks.

Also, she has been transverse this whole time, and I worry that abnormalities of the uterus are somehow making it harder for her to turn. I have also had an unheard of amount of Braxton Hicks Contractions (sometimes 50-60+ in one day) due to “irritable uterus.” (Ha)

When I got pregnant, I was probably about 60% better from the Mirena mess. I am absolutely sure Mirena caused my horrible fatigue, rage/ detached feeling (which was so bad my husband of 16 years brought up divorce), migraines, back pain, and pain /numbness in my leg. I also had very low vitamin D and progesterone levels. It was 90 year old woman syndrome.

The symptoms that came up about a year or more AFTER removal were eye pain, one eye dilated more than the other, rashes on my face, majorly diminished lung capacity (I have the lungs of a 70 year old and never smoked), nausea, spitting up blood and metallic tasting “stuff.” And more body pain and fatigue!

I truly believe these later symptoms were a reaction to my biohazard of a work environment, BUT I NEVER had a reaction to that moldy building until AFTER Mirena. The Mirena brochure itself admits that Mirena MESSES UP your immune system. I am absolutely sure Mirena tanked my immune system and that environmental factors (lots of black mold and dust) at work made me even sicker. I never had a chance to heal.

I only got out of that building one week before pregnancy, so I won’t know for a long time whether my immune system has healed from the Mirena or not. During this pregnancy, I never got any energy back after that first trimester like I did with my son.

So, I pray that in a year (when I can hopefully sleep again!) I will discover that I am finally over the Mirena nightmare: 2006-2013. And thank God for this forum and the ladies here! I hope all of us find permanent relief!

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