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our kids, our future O/T
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Published: 8 years ago

our kids, our future O/T

"We have now reached a point in our evolution, and the kids are here to focus on world problems."

-I like this article; but it is in Norwegian, and to long for me to translate, so it is kind of Googlish;

"The children born in our time like no previous generation.

They are born with special powers and abilities, and is among others called indigo children.

They are said to be here to raise the collective level of consciousness to a new and higher level.

Latest news is that researchers at Cardiff University have now analyzed gene behaved to over 1,400 children and found that those with ADHD often had either double up on, or lacked any DNA.

Children are born with parts of DNA activated from birth, unlike us, the slightly older generation that undergo activation. This should be possible with relatively few side effects.
I have written in this article about Dr. Berrenda Fox. She claimed publicly that she had solid evidence of mutations and the formation of additional strands of the DNA helix (see further below), so this is not new. "This is exciting. For the first time, this gives us a direct genetic link to ADHD.

Now we can say with certainty that ADHD is a genetic disease and that the brains of children with this condition develop differently than the brains of other children, says Professor Anita Thapar who headed the study.


Currently viewing the generally recognized scientific world unfortunately the phenomenon as a disease, rather than the development of consciousness. I have previously written an article about frequencies and that thoughts and feelings affect our rates, and that higher frequencies can activate parts of our DNA.

The children today are born with parts of DNA activated from birth, unlike us, the slightly older generation that undergo "activation". This should be possible with relatively few side effects.

These children are often psychic, can heal, see aura, see those who are not with us anymore, see the future and immediately feel how others have
The new kids are both called indigo children, star children, crystal children, and so on. I do note that the term "indigo children" refers to both children and adults.

They are born with features and capabilities that are "different" than the norm, and they are still seen as "problem children". Only in Norway, over 35,000 children diagnosed with ADHD. Medication for ADHD has been almost doubled in two years.

They are said to be surrounded by a deep blue aura, hence the name Indigo, which relates to the pineal gland (pinecone gland) or "the third eye", which represents intuition and clairvoyance.

They can be extremely emotionally and physically vulnerable. Hyperactivity and mood swings are common. They have a resistance to authority, discipline, and conformity. They are rebels who do often rebel against authority. (To be able to change the world needed people with strong will and temperament.)

Many people are diagnose with ADHD, Asbergers, autism and more. The medication causes the loss of sensitive ethene and their abilities.

Excluding children medicated properties because they do not fit in?
What if the kids have come to bring us something new and valuable?
What about these qualities and abilities are actually a resource that is lost because kids are "misdiagnosed?"
Could it be that our current society feel threatened by them?
Can the message be to get their parents to see their own weaknesses, so these can be corrected?
Key - the genetic code.

Scientists use the term as a designation for the DNA blueprint of the human gene code. Our DNA genetic material is said to be coded with numbers, like a computer program.

Is there perhaps a "genius code" in the human race which is now in the process of being activated? This code is more than what it seems to be.

University of Chicago have discovered that 30% of all children born after 1980 are equipped with two new gene called Mikrosephelin and ASPM. This is a gene that stimulates brain growth. 30% of children have both genes, 70% with only one genet.IQ Tests show that 30% of children score as high as 150-160. Normal is 90-110. Genius starts at 130

Dr. Robyn Silverman
Dr. Berrenda Fox et doctorate in physiology and naturopathy claimed publicly that she had solid evidence of mutations in the DNA helix and the formation of extra strings occur in DNA.

Dr. Silverman, clinical researcher, recognized authority in the field of talent, says: "I have studied gifted children from 1958. One would think I have seen it, but I have been amazed at the kids who have come into my life in recent years. It feels as if they are a different race. "

Susanna Thorpe-Clark from Australia says: We changed physically from carbon-based creatures have been two strands of DNA, into crystalline beings with 12 strands of DNA (eventually).

This is because only crystalline substances can exist in levels of higher dimensions. What actually happens is that the human body combined with other DNA strands, as this format is close enough to our own that it can be integrated with relatively few side effects.

Only 10% of our DNA is used to build proteins. It is this 10% part our Western scientists are interested in. They have considered the remaining 90% of the molecule to be "junk DNA".

 Russian scientists set out to investigate the remaining unused 90%.

Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary! Read related article on DNA and our way back group consciousness. The discoveries scientists have made, indicating that 90% of our DNA that has previously appeared as useless, is exactly what our new children enables.

The discoveries scientists have made, indicating that 90% of our DNA that has previously appeared as useless, is exactly what our children are active.
Science has finally come to the conclusion that everything that vibrates has intelligence and that everything vibrates, and it's a central intelligence that everything vibrates in time with. There is a higher intelligence that comes to us via our molecules (frequencies), which is a result of our participation in a system that is far greater than the small limited ... or that we will enter only through our five senses.

There are very many of our young people are natural healers and visionary of this simple reason. Our children spinning on a "higher" frequency, and their sensitivity enables them to feel what cells remember and allow this intelligence will control the healing process.

Current school

We have now reached a point in our evolution, and the kids are here to focus on world problems.

The established old guard will do things the old way, and it is a natural consequence of confrontations and conflicts arise when two such different "directions" or frequencies meet. However, children and adolescents exposed to unnecessary "status-stress" at the traditional schools.

They are struggling to estab

Too many people fail at school or bored so boundless that they refuse to continue with their education.
tholde grades, they must look good and be popular. This form of stress drives many into Depression and even selvmordm not to forget anyone away due medicated ADHD ol. Too many people fail at school or bored so boundless that they refuse to continue with their education.

Just admit it. Textbooks used today are mostly hopelessly outdated, especially for what is called our past.

Today's scientists draw up the story again and simultaneously establishes timelines and scenarios that are very different from what we learned in school.

The children are here to change the world. The children will help us to create a new reality. Indigo children have incarnated to help us out of the morass we find ourselves in. Today's education system meets neither children or future challenges. Children need new teaching methods and educational system must be changed because the kids do not need the old system.

Children do not work well on large schools and large classes. They learn best in small groups with expert faculty and how they can interact more one to one. They learn really really fast right environment, and therefore prefer more and more homeschooling. Teachers do not receive the necessary information about what is really happening. If problems arise, one must ask PPT for help.

Intelligence beyond what can be measured using the traditional IQ system is considered fabrication and imagination.
It might not all know it, but there are seven types of intelligence and learning forms that teachers should attend to when planning lessons. It is:

1. Linguistic intelligence: highly developed auditory skills

2. Logical-mathematical intelligence: Ability to conceptual reasoning.

3. Spatial Intelligence: The ability to think in metaphors and images.

4. Musical intelligence: sensitivity and receptivity to music.

5. Physical-kinesthetic intelligence: Fine motor skills, body-oriented.

6. Interpersonal Intelligence: The ability to understand and appreciate the people, intuitive.

7. Inner Intelligence: Strong awareness of the inner world, reflecting.

The average education today is solely based on auditory learning and therefore bypasses 80% of the students.

Fair enough, we must have standards, but it should then be in one of the richest countries in the world to be room for creative innovation? We should then encourage the development of children's innate talents? Either education worldwide change, otherwise it will jump off the youngsters.

Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner "by Ph.D. Linda Kreg Silver Male
Visual / spatial learning

A new kind of intelligence is beginning to emerge. Fold over book Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner "by Ph.D. Linda Kreg Silver Male

She describes the unique talents in people who think in pictures. She explains: They see the big picture because they see the world through an artist's eye. They remember what they see, but they forget what they hear.

They are disorganized, can not spell, and they have no sense of time, but they have an infectious sense of humor, lively imagination, and can lose yourself completely in the joy of the moment.

It was actually a visual-spatial talent that led to the computer and the internet came into being, the vivid showings at the Olympics and the International Space Station.

Did Leonardo da Vinci ADHD?

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most famous creative people who ever lived.

About DaVinci had gone to school today, he would probably be diagnosed with ADHD and branded a loser.
Look what the researchers write of him:

He was severely dyslexic, his lyrics are hard to read because of all the misspellings and repetitions.
He had an enormous amount of energy and did not hear the other: he would learn in their own way.
He was a mess head that would have done well in school if he had not been so fleeting and fickle. He started a lot of subjects, but stopped almost immediately. The only thing he managed to engage over longer time was drawing.
He would not hear of schooling, and he would not read books.
 He was stubborn and intense! He did not know anything about the 30% or 70%. For him it was always 100%!
He was full of defiance to all authority.
He began as an apprentice painter, Verrocchio, where he had ended up at the bottom of the ladder.
He found life as a painter was too narrow, so he decided to become a scientist, philosopher and inventor.
ADHD and medication

"ADHD" is not a disease. No doctor in the world is to research results that demonstrate the biological changes or abnormalities that would explain the condition they call ADHD.

What they call "symptoms" is a list of subjective assumptions that some psychologists have determined (through a show of hands) at a symposium in the United States. I repeat the key word: acceptance. Diseases are not assumptions, they are facts.

The only people who benefit from state to call for a disease is the pharmaceutical industry. The book Piller & profiter by Swedish author Dr John Virap, reveals that the pharmaceutical industry decided in the 80 years that the "new audiences" had to increase the sale of drugs ....
Children targeted

Perhaps the only benefit of calling the state of a disease is the pharmaceutical industry. The book Piller & profiter by Swedish author Dr John Virap, shows that the pharmaceutical industry has decided in the middle of the 80 years that the "new audiences" need to increase the sale of medicines.

The new target audience was children. Mr. Virap knows what he's talking about. He has worked in the industry for over 30 years and been Admir. for Eli Lilly, one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

The drugs can have extreme side effects, which at worst can lead to death. It is not uncommon with heart, kidney and liver failure or deep Depression that can lead to suicide.

Direct or indirect use of drugs of addiction: Indirect by learning the "patient" that problems can always be solved with the help of pills, and directly by opening dope addiction that eventually leads to the use of stronger agents. The street is full of young people who have started their career with drugs, these medicines.

It is used in more and more pills to calm the children (school or home) because they fail to face up to the child's strong need for mental / physical activity. By "fail", I mean that one does not have knowledge or education to help children to develop their potential.

5 forms of intelligence

Soleira Green, (visions, consultant, author and consultant) puts things in perspective a little more. She has identified five types of intelligence in the article "Quantum Intelligence, Beyond IQ, EQ and SQ - The Evolution of Intelligence.

A large number of the new kids fit into the characteristics of the SQ QQ. Intelligence beyond what can be measured using the traditional IQ system, considered as preliminary fabrication.
IQ - As she says, IQ (intelligence quotient) is just the start (IQ)

EQ - When you first open your heart, you will have access to intuition and a more balanced approach to the emotions. This is called emotional intelligence (EQ).

SQ - If you integrate your spirit (the wider outer part of you), you get access to wisdom, and an openness to spirituality (a search for deeper meaning and understanding), and all that this trip involves is called spiritual intelligence (SQ).

WQ - if you open up your soul (your inner, essential I), you will get access to the inherent perceptions, knowledge and telepathy. This is called holistic intelligence (WQ).

QQ - With an extension beyond yourself to consciousness and creation (the universe) will discover hyper quick thinking and processing, super creativity and vibrant diversity. This is called Quantum intelligence (QQ).

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