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Re: Just looked at the science, now I see the light....
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Just looked at the science, now I see the light....

The main source of energy for humans are carbohydrates not protein. All animals eat high carbohydrate diets with the exception of pure predators whose colons are completely different from humans and other animals. Meat is the most toxic substance for a human. If you feel better eating meat and fat than carbohydrates it is because you are not properly feeding your body, yes you starve your candida and you also starve yourself and your good bacteria. That is why most people who follow high fat, high protein diets end up feeling terrible long-term. I am not a proponent of 80-10-10 fruitarian diet or whatever. I believe the healthiest diet is balanced diet but somewhat low fat and low protein seems like the most balanced. I am 100% sure that I have candida, I have seen large chunks of mushroom like fungus (rhizomes) come out after ACV enemas. In the past I have had bad reactions from eating carbs and sugars, no doubt it DOES feed candida, I will never argue, this but the CURE for candida is not to starve it, but to re-balance your body, to do this you need a good amount of carbohydrates, this is food for your brain and cells to function properly. Eating high fat and/or high protein diet will make you feel crappy long term, even those who have claimed to cure themselves with these types of diets admit to feeling crappy the whole time they have followed them and always feel crappy until they add carbohydrates. They always say how great it is to feel crappy because you have die-off which means you feel better, in fact these people were so convincing that I followed this for a while myself and was so glad to feel crappy because I was getting die-off, then I finally smartened up and decided I wanted to feel GOOD instead of terrible and decided to try to remove toxins, rebalance my body and eat a proper balanced diet. I am now 80% better than when I started and I don't rely on extreme diets, I take proper herbs that are good and balancing for my body, eat foods that give my cells and brain proper energy, do yoga to remove blockages and properly circulate energy. This is the proper way to rebalance your body and remove diseases. If you people insist on keeping yourself sick and not feeding your brain properly that is your choice and you will pay dearly for this later in life. Meat is the most toxic substance you can put in your body, especially red meat, other meats are a bit less toxic, then cheese and diary, next are beans and grains, then vegetables and fruits and the least toxic and most cleansing. Not saying we should all be vegetarians, meat and milk has some place in diets for some people (some do not need them at all), but if you use these as your primary energy source you are poisoning your body and generally asking for trouble.

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