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Re: High fat caused my condition, points to causing Candidiasis & Diabetes T2

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: High fat caused my condition, points to causing Candidiasis & Diabetes T2

 The people on the Candiadiasis forum are not resistant to change. They have changed their diets already. They’re on the anti-Candida diets that are typically recommended.  It’s counterintuitive to go back to high carbs and sugar (fructose in this case). Both are known to feed Candidiasis. That’s why it’s so difficult to think about adopting the 80-10-10.

I would be extremely cautious about Dr. Graham.  He makes his living selling books and giving lectures. He has never published a single peer reviewed medical journal paper. His PhD is in “Chiropractic” as he said. He is not an MD. He is a DC.

I am critiquing you based on accuracy. I always look at the facts and not the writings and speeches of self-proclaimed dieticians and healers who can’t back up their claims with science.

In the video that you keep providing the link for, Dr. Graham talks about Candida existing in the blood of every human and feeding off of glucose, and that the Candida serves a necessary function “in the blood” to control excess blood sugar and that it “blooms” like red tide, and then goes away, only to come back when called upon.  He says that Candida is a supplement to insulin, and when insulin levels aren’t high enough, Candida eats up the excess sugar in the blood.

WHAT??? He should study the medical literature. Candida is not meant to be in the blood and serves no purpose there.  Once Candida has entered the bloodstream, it’s considered to be “Invasive” Candidiasis. “All forms of disseminated candidiasis should be considered serious, progressive, and potentially fatal.”

Most who have Candidiasis that are posting on this website do not have the invasive form.  Like me, they have the non-invasive form which is an overgrowth in the Gastrointestinal Tract, disrupting the digestive processes.  Candida does not exist in the bloodstream of all humans and does not serve a function of ingesting excess glucose in the blood.

Graham is selling. Go to his website. He’s a pitchman.

"Toxic Hunger" is a term that was made up by Dr Fuhrman. His main claim is that "Toxic Hunger" leads to obesity. You’re saying that people on this forum have "Toxic Hunger" and by doing so you're implying that they're either obese or heading towards obesity. Dr Fuhrman's "Toxic Hunger" is not Candidiasis. The two are not linked, particularly since Toxic Hunger is a made-up term. Suggesting to people that they have “Toxic Hunger” and not Candidiasis can be misleading.

You told me that you never had Candidiasis, therefore you never cured yourself from it, yet again you just claimed that you cured yourself within a week, which you posted on a Candidiasis forum. That’s misleading. You’re still not disclosing what it is that you cured.

"High Fat leads to Type 2 Diabetes ?". The literature does not say that. The literature says that there's a direct correlation between OBESITY and Type 2 diabetes. It doesn't really matter how the obesity was brought on. It could have been by excess fat in the diet, or simply excess calories.


A calorie is a calorie, whether it's fat, carb or protein. Read the literature. If you ingest more calories than you burn, the body stores the excess calories as fat. That's a physiological fact.

You're telling people to eat, in your words, "at least 3,000 calories per day, 3,500 if you're a male. 3,500 or more would probably be even better for you". That's the recipe for obesity.  The people at 30 Bananas a Day are also exercise junkies. If you tell a sedentary person to eat 3,500 calories per day, they will gain a pound every 2.3 days.  For example, a 53 yr old male weighing 167 pounds who doesn’t exercise, requires 2,000 calories per day to maintain weight. 3,500 calories per day would be an excess of 1,500 calories per day. Since 3,500 calories is equivalent to a pound of body weight, the 3,500 pound excess is reached in 2.3 days.  In one month, that’s 10lbs of weight gain.  Since the person is not exercising, it’s all fat gain.

The creators of the 30 bananas a day website calling for 3,000-3,500 calories per day are exercise freaks. They have to burn all those calories in a day, or they too would be overweight. That’s a medical fact. Look it up.

In my experience, Candida sufferers are too sick to exercise, so no one will be burning 3,500 calories per day.

To close, here’s a note posted by Graham regarding a death at his fasting retreat.


Dr. Doug Graham (


Re: Recent death @ Dougs fasting retreat?


August 17, 2011 at 6:45 am PST

In Reply to: Recent death @ Dougs fasting retreat? posted by Steve on August 17, 2011 at 5:36 am:

Rumors? I keep no secrets. Life is much simpler that way.
There have been no deaths at my Costa Rica fasting event.

When someone dies on a bus, has a heart attack or whatever, is it the 
driver's fault? If they die in a movie theater, is the cinema at fault?
A woman attended my fasting event. She got better, as expected, and 
wrote a glowing report. She decided to stay for my Walking Tour 
event. During that event, she had an episode of some type. We took 
her immediately to the hospital, where she lived for almost a week, 
then died. We held a lovely service for her at the end of the Walking 
Does it not tell you enough that the woman's partner and I remain on 
excellent terms?


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