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Re: Garlic????--Must READ!!

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purplepixie Views: 29,951
Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Garlic????--Must READ!!

I would concur that garlic can have awful effects if you're intestinally compromised.

Perhaps through candida i have leaky gut and garlic gets into my bloodstream because everytime i ingest garlic i end up smelling of it - it comes out of my sweat pores.

When it's well cooked and not alot in the whole dish - i don't notice this effect.

I love garlic aswell! The taste is purgingly wonderful! hahahahaa ;-) I used to use in daily - a few cloves - my candida didn't change - neither did the smell effect!

Fenugreek has the same effect - leaks out of my pores as if i've rubbed fenugreek oil all over me. I used to sprout it and consume it - delicious again - but the smell for days afterwards has me abandoning it.

There are many foods that some say are toxic and others say are beneficial. It's always confused me. Yet i've come to a rough conclusion that anything taken in excess will lead to the small possible toxic load affecting the body...especially in sensitive people. Heck - even strawberries burn when you eat too many. I think that's why balance is extremely important.

I've always used the 'burn & bitter' sense of the mouth to tell me when i've had enough of anything raw.

As candida gives most people sensitive digestion - it's probably wise not to use anything too aggravating. Hard to do as some of the most effective candida killers are really rather harsh!

I don't normally use a lot of enema's yet would imagine garlic could be quite aggravating.
The last enema i did was a coffee one...after 2 yrs of no enemas - (i have longterm candida/mercury) - well after that enema - i was constipated for 5 days. I didn't feel particularly clear after that enema either. Normally i manage once a day BM at least but this enema stopped everything.
As a remedy on the 6th day i thought i'd do another enema to just get some release...and get things moving.

I normally do just water to 'clear' then do the coffee one to retain for 20 mins. When i did the clearing enema - no waste came out except these thick dark rubbery strands. About 4 of them. I inspected them because i'd never seen anything like it, and i couldn't pull them apart - they were very tough and rubbery...about half the thickness of my little finger on my little lady hands ;-) Deep dark brown...with a U shaped head.

It was only when i looked at pics online of parasites and candida that i discovered the fungal form of candida looked a lot like what exited me. The yeast form as we're all familiar is white and strand-like. These rubbery things were the fruiting body!

I then continued onto do the coffee enema and had a good release of waste and after THAT enema felt a wonderful clarity of the mind and increased physical energy.

I truly believe i had shocked the candida with an enema - and all the extra oxygen of the water, combined with heat, and coffee made some parts release from the intestinal walls. These fungal strands i intuitively felt were the cause of my 5 day constipation. I had upset their balance in my large intestine.

Shocking candida with something seems to work - like i did with my 2 pint coffee enema - and maybe garlic could do the same - but i would still be aware of causing too much of a herx reaction verses results.

Slowly building up garlic orally might allow the candida to build-up a defence to the garlic. Sometimes going slow when a shock treatment is needed only makes the candida stronger. Best to listen to your body as always - but when i read so many posts on here of people using all these cycles of formulas for candida and still having problems - reminds me of horse parasites that build-up when given the same type of worming treatment year in year out.

I've always tried adjusting diet to deprive candida. Yet i still believe it's resiliant enough to change even to drastic changes to diet.

I've taken Oxypowder as a Bowel Cleanse but have never got past the initial dosing of 4 tabs. That induces so much gas and movement and horrendous brain-fog that lasts for days i end up backing away from it! I never notice anything other than liquidised stool when taking them - no mucous, strands, nothing but normal stool - exiting more explosive than normal!

If mercury is something you have in your mouth though - you must consider that studies show candida to overgrow while all other gut flora diminish under a mercury-load. Sometimes i wonder if it's infact part of the body's defense system to protect the lining of the digestive system from absorbing mercury as it exits the body. No other fungus does that better than the growth of yeast candida.

New years resolution - i'm removing the damn mercury from my skull!


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