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Image Embedded Re: Parasites and a husband who is verbally abusive
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Parasites and a husband who is verbally abusive


JesseCured is sooooo right about the worms in cotton and the morgellons possibility! I have seen the cotton worms myself on the end of clean Q tips and I thought it was the worms in my eyes fooling me or that I was imagining this white long coiled up worm swaying around on the end of the Qtip! I then thought maybe it could be my breath moving it, so i held my breath and covered my nose! They are actually alive and moving and if you stick your finger close to them, they will sway towards it like they are attracted to heat or something! There are TOTALLY tons of worms in cotton and Theres a really interesting forum on a Chemtrail website from 2004 that is really worth reading (link below).

Recently, as I have been delving into this parasite thing (morgellons, oh the joy!), I bought a little handheld 60-100x scope off amazon and I swabbed the inside of my nose, and got a green blob on the end, and through the $10 scope, I swear to god I saw this long white worm WAVING AROUND and I thought it was the worms I now know I have in my eyes that were deceiving me, so being the skeptic I am, I googled it and apparently it's not that much of a secret - there are TONS Of WORMS in our cotton (we are swimming in them as opposed to them swimming in us this time!). There are plenty of theories on what it could be, but lots of our clothes come from two places.......Hecho en Mexico, and China, so go figure.

One thing I find quite curious is that no one seems to find something odd or troubling with the fact that the richest man on earth for several years now has been a mexican national. I haven't read any conspiracies about that. The only thing said is it is impossible to walk down the streets of mexico and not be using his power, his sewage, his Cell Phone s, his water, etc, in some way, shape or form. I wouldn't put it past our neighbors to want to branch out a bit and give their own people a hidden antidote, be it China or Mexico.

I have mexican family members that live in mexico city, and they whisper when the speak of "him".......just a few thoughts.

Here's the link to the fantastic chem trail site - even if you dont believe in chem trails, it's totally worth reading - AT LEAST the first few pages! Now that I have my new trusty AmScope I vow to get some good photos and videos of these suc***s! They might be the worms that embed in our ears and eyes - especially since so many of us love Qtips!

As far as your situation at home, CLEW and the crew have given great advice and there is not much I could add, except to say I feel your pain on a daily basis. The brain fog is too much to handle at times and I am scared I might never get better, or skin lesions heal, or feel like I could go on even a block long walk ! These situations are so debilitating and I think my parents renamed me "the girl who cried wolf" when I was 15 (now almost 34). I am still single to the embarassment of my family (who are not shy about constantly berating me over it) and I am scared of even thinking of going on a date. I'll probably be alone until/if I can ever get this health situation under control. I also havent had a real "job" in 8 years, so I can completely understand your desperation and anxiety about the financial aspects of your relationship.

My family is stocked full of doctors, and like the rest of you, all they want is for me to go to the looney bin and be drugged to death with medications they even admit dont work. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF THESE GOOFY BA$TARDS THAT SUGGEST Depression MEDICINES!!! THEY DO NOT WORK!!!!!!! MY BROTHER IS A 3RD YEAR MED STUDENT AND HE CALLED ME IMMEDIATELY WHEN THEY DID THE PSYCH PORTION AND SAID "OH MY GOD, THEY TOLD US NOT EVEN 1% OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS WORK!!! AND THAT 1% IS PURELY PLACEBO!!!!"

Those drugs are BAD BAD BAD!!!! TRUST ME I HAVE BEEN ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.....TWICE! Their side effects are so atrocious that doctors prescribing them should all be jailed, especially since they do it knowing they dont work! The drugs change your DNA, change your body type! They make you gain weight YOU CAN NEVER lose except through drastic measures like anorexia and bulimia! They are LITERALLY THE DEVIL! A temporary fix could only be something like xanax or valium, but they have their evils too with horrible addictive side effects. Please be careful, and remember to love yourself and know that you are doing the right thing. LOVE YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST ONE FOR THE JOB! Hugs from out west! xxxBirk

PS - if you are into collecting samples and theres any way you can afford it, I absolutely recommend the 40x-2000x AmScope microscope on amazon. I just got it the other day and while regularly almost $2k, it's on clearance for $279 and even has a 2Mp camera so you can photograph and post on here. It's WELL worth the $ and will give you a peace of mind in knowing you're not crazy and maybe will help convince your husband too. Just a thought. Hope it helps. It has OPENED UP A WHOLE NEW WORLD before my very eyes, and I have yet to even think about fecal or urine, just what is coming out of my nose and skin is enough - yikes!

Good Luck LARSY, and good luck to all!

PSS - Larsy if you would like to PM me at any time, please do. I am VERY new to this site, but I have the feeling that this site is what I've been missing in my life the past 19+ years. Actually as I'm typing this I'm getting screamed at, too. Thank GOD for this forum, or I might not be breathing much longer either. For the first time I really have hope for the future and I want to live. I hope you feel the same way too very soon. xox

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