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CDS with netipot works very well for colds and flu

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Published: 10 years ago

CDS with netipot works very well for colds and flu

For years now I have been using my neti pot with various iterations of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and lately CDS and I would like to share my experience now that I am sure enough about it.

First of all, the neti pot with just warm saline water is an excellent treatment for any nasal congestion, whether it's beginning or advanced. Before I knew about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement I used the neti pot with just saline and found that it reduced my cold symptoms a lot, but it did not prevent colds entirely.

Back in my Miracle-Mineral-Supplement early days, I tried putting a tiny bit of activated MMS in the neti pot with saline to see what that would do. Bad mistake! It left the nasal tissue feeling irritated for a few days. I have now concluded that it was the leftover citric acid that burned more than the MMS.

A couple of years ago, I started putting a drop or two of unactivated MMS with saline in the neti pot when I had any feeling that a cold was starting. I found it more effective than saline alone. I went for an entire winter with no colds while working in an office where people were getting bad colds all around me. I would feel a cold starting, then rinse twice a day or more with the neti pot and unactivated MMS and the cold would not develop further. There was also a flu going around the office at one point, but it didn't touch me. (I don't take a flu shot). However, I did end up getting one cold in the Spring that I couldn't stop with the MMS neti pot. It did not last more than a few days, but it was definitely there.

Lately I have been using CDS solution with saline in my neti pot to fend off colds. I have to be VERY CAREFUL about the dosage because it's hard to tell the strength of a prepared batch of CDS and too much will burn the nasal tissue. I use chlorine test strips that are calibrated for a swimming pool and find that as long as I keep the reading to just below 3 ppm I don't irritate my nasal tissue. I rinse it through my nose and also gargle with it. Any sore throat or beginning congestion is eliminated. My husband hates neti pots and gargling, but after he developed a bad cold with a nasty cough he finally agreed to the treatment. It got rid of his sore throat and congestion, but unfortunately the dry cough remained. I have also found in the past that MMS treatments are not very effective in the lungs.

I make my CDS solution with the very simple method that someone posted on here a while ago. I put fresh water into a glass jar with a top that seals well. Then I mix MMS with 50% citric acid solution in an egg cup (24 drops of each) and float it on top of the water, then screw the top on tight. The original poster said to use a shot glass. If I leave this overnight I get a CDS solution that is more than strong enough to add to a neti pot. I don't have a test strip calibrated to the range of the CDS solution, but I only add a dash to the neti pot saline to get the 3 ppm I'm looking for. When I prepare my neti pot, I add a bit of CDS to warm water, test with a strip to make sure the concentration is right, then add kosher salt to get the salinity right. Always use kosher salt or medical salt to ensure there are no trace additives that can irritate the nose.

Another effect of using the neti pot regularly with MMS or CDS is that other small infections around my head and neck clear up. My pierced ears have always been prone to soreness when I wear heavy earrings, particularly the left one. I never thought of that as an infection problem, but after using the MMS neti pot for a while I noticed one day that the ear does not get sore or infected now, no matter how heavy my earrings are. I also got rid of a sebaceous cyst along my jaw that had been there for years during that time frame, although I used other treatments for that in addition to the MMS neti pot. When I was drinking MMS a few years ago, the sebaceous cyst was affected by it a bit, but the ears were not, as far as I can remember.

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