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Re: My Story
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: My Story

You're welcome, Jilly!
And thank you for such a supportive response.
Here is some back story if you'd like to know. I have been battling this issue since birth (I was born premature and my gut amongst other things were underdeveloped) and have had to deal with food sensitivity from the get go. Especially sugar. My teenage years were fairly issue free, probably due to raging hormones, but because of being "the life of the party" and abusing my system, my 22nd birthday found me obese and experiencing my first real bout with candida since being a child.
I was on my roof and it hit me like a ton of bricks and it took me over 2 hours to get myself back on the ground.
I thought I was having a major breakdown! For six months I was barely able to leave my room let alone my house.
I then had my first bout with oral thrush that put me in the hospital twice (both times I was released with no explanation of what it was) before a slow recovery of around 3 weeks. It was absolute hell.
Fortunately, some good friends heard of my plight and gave me one of the first publications concerning candida. It was the summer of 1991. I can't remember the name of the book but it was my first step in realizing that I had a monster living inside me.
I actually did quite well over the years but because of bad diet and beer consumption, it reared it's ugly head again in 2004 with horrible panic attacks and allergies. I then started a low carb high exercise regimen and all went well for a few years. I then discovered wheat beer (hefeweizen, blue moon, shock top) and had the most god aweful experience of my life! That was when I decided to take things seriously and begin a Sugar and wheat free diet. It was 2006.
I began to feel a bit better but it wasn't enough for I was still drinking light beer and eating starchy foods(potatoes, corn, etc.) and had a horrible outbreak right after my father passed in 2007. I was under huge stress and was eating horribly and, while on a first date (and last), I had a most alarming condition come on that I had never experienced before. I was already stressed but the date had me all nerves and, while visiting the mens room, I noticed a smell emanating from my whole body that can only be described as fungal. I smelled like an old pair of wet swim trunks that were left in the car for too long =(
I panicked, went out to the car and applied some cologne but that made it even worse! There was a chemical reaction and I smelled horrible. I was hoping I could have escaped my dates notice but at the end of the evening as I was about to turn to go, she wrapped me in an embrace that started well but ended with her with a funny look on her face and an "I'll call you" that never happened.
That smell effected me off and on for months and did not relent until I went back on my diet and it vanished. Again I was doing pretty well until a week long vacation in the hospital in 2010 and had to start all over again. That was when I went full candida diet with no sugar, no wheat, no starches. And then about two months ago and I decided to do a full cleanse. That is where I started my initial post.
So yeah, this has been the bane of my existence for many years but because of great forums like this and wonderful people like yourself, I believe that I am on track to a full recovery and the ability to actually live!
And Britt, I am always looking for new ways to battle this problem and appreciate your input! I have done some research on the Pinecone Extract and it looks as though it is very good at boosting the immune system along with helping with allergy's so I will give it a test run very soon.
So thank you both for the information and support! You don't know how relieving it is to be able to talk about this issue and to know that there is an end to the suffering in sight!

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