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My Story
wyndstryder Views: 990
Published: 9 years ago

My Story

I hope this finds most of you candida sufferers either cured from this debilitating phenomena or at least in advanced stages of recovery.
This is gonna be long but here I go.
I have never actually been diagnosed with candidiasis for no doctors have ever taken the time to have me tested. That and I haven't been able to get insurance because of a pre existing condition beginning in 2001.
What I do know is that if I consume sugar, wheat, dairy, starchy and high carb foods, the next few days to weeks are a living hell. And also, if I take too many anti fungals, be they in either supplemental or in food form, I feel as though I am going to die. That and I have had to battle chronic athletes foot, jock itch, oral thrush and multiple UTI's and bloating over the past 20 years.
My last attempt at a cleanse, one that I am still in the middle of which started 6 weeks ago, had some of the most severe and frightening symptoms yet.
I believe that I started off a bit too heavy without boosting my immune system first and preparing my liver for the release of toxins to come for the allergic reactions were swift and complicated. It started my first day with my eyes. They felt too big for my head, swollen itchy and red. Then came on a feeling as if I had chugged half a bottle of Nyquil. Then came the panic attacks along with soul crushing depression. And of course, my insides felt horrible. All in one day!
I was so freaked out I stopped the cleanse immediately, of course! I felt better after a few days and slowly started again.
Here is where I will tell you what I was doing to cleanse. First of all, to boost the immune system I was taking Wellness Formula, Vit C, A and D, Olive leave extract, NAC, Molybdenum, Pantethine & N-acetyl cysteine.
No anti fungals. That was for a couple of days.
I then went heavy on the AF's which were caprylic acid, ginger root, garlic, oil of oregano, and tons of Pao de Arco tea. I was feeling pretty rough but not as bad as before.
That was before my eyes went all blurry on me and the panic attacks and Depression were seven fold and my intestines felt as though WWIII were being fought there. Yet, by reading here in the forums that all were symptoms of die off, I did not quit. Then my tongue started getting a yellow coating and a hissing sound began in my left ear which really freaked me out. But I persevered.
Since I was barely able to get out of bed I decided to do some pro active research and discovered a few things that have, though not cured me, given me hope that there is an end to my lifelong suffering in sight.
One was diatomaceous earth. It has helped me so much in easing the detox that I actually feel almost human most days!
The second thing I discovered was that my PH balance was waaay too acidic. I was barely able to register a 6.0 on a good day so I began a regimen of supergreen powder, coral calcium and leafy green shakes (kale, cilantro, parsley, celery, arugula, spinach and a few others that my local organic shop had). Just tossed them in a blender with purified water. Didn't even taste that bad =)
I am now able to get in the low 7's some days and those are the times I feel my best.
I have been at it for 6 weeks now and, though my eye site is still blurry some days, the ear hiss is still there and the Depression is still a monster hiding beneath my bed, but it rarely comes out to play full contact anymore.
I have even been able to get some work done the past few days!
So, first of all I thank a lot of you for posting your horror stories here so that I was able to use them as a sort of therapy and resource.
Secondly, I will post progress reports on my progress along with what I am using to rid myself of this disgusting alien that lives within me if it will help at least some of you in your battle as well.
Take care =)

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