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Hyaluronic acid and oils and butters
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Published: 9 years ago

Hyaluronic acid and oils and butters

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to debrief on my last experiment and tell everyone where I'm at. For my full case history and treatments tried, just visit the Peeling Lips wiki by clicking on my atoll picture.

So, at the advice of my naturopath, I experimented with using avocado oil and methylcobalamin (Vitamin B-12) on my lips, which is a natural Psoriasis treatment. As many of you know, Psoriasis presents itself on the lips in rare cases, but I also have scalp Psoriasis and chronic stress which made me more interested in ruling it out as a possibility. She also said Vitamin D drops could be tried.

I created my own oil with 0.13% methycobalamin (a similar proportion to that found in a clinical study) and applied it twice daily all over the peeling area for a month. My skin growth was not noticeable for the most part, and the flaking area absorbed the pink color of the B-12, which nearly matched my lip color. My peeling cycle went from 8 days to 9 days the first week, then fluctuated between 8 and 9. My goal is to eventually have my lips slough off dead skin cells every 30 days or so.

The area of peeling did not seem to change, but more importantly the rate did not significantly change, so I discontinued the treatment. Other factors during the month were detoxing metals with sauna visits, depression, alcohol once/week, marijuana once/week, and traveling. Therefore it wasn't a perfect experiment, but I was only looking for a small sign it might create progress, and didn't see any difference than using avocado oil alone.

Now I'm returning to an old experiment but kicking it up a notch. I'm applying 2 drops of ULMW (ultra-low molecular weight) 100% pure, organic hyaluronic acid and 3 drops of food grade emu oil three times daily, then using an all natural lip balm I created, which contains coconut oil, avocado oil, hemp oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and Vitamin E (which itself contains tocopheryl acetate, soybean oil and glycerin from the capsules I used).

I wanted to create a wax-free, UV-protective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, penetrating balm with a long shelf-life, in the proportion that would be solid at room temperature but quickly melt and absorb in the lips, so I wouldn't cause more trauma in applying it, but also not leave the lips too shiny or discolored, and I think I've done it.

The UV protection is minimal, by the way. If you are serious about it, zinc oxide seems to be the commonly used GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredient which goes on pretty white. I don't get much sun this time of year in the Pacific Northwest, so I'm not going to bother.

My other strategies remain the same, waiting until the skin is really ready to come off before exfoliating, detoxification through DMSA chelation and tons of water/activities to sweat, oil pulling with sesame oil to fight bacteria and remove toxins from the oral cavity, supplementing with things to increase skin health and collagen like borage oil and ch-OSA silicon, avoiding gluten and other allergens, and last but not least, trying not to obsess and fighting my tendency towards Depression and stress.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope everyone is documenting what they are doing, taking photos, etc. I like to keep track on a calendar of when I peel my lips, to judge improvement or worsening, and the wiki helps me stay organized and remember what I did when and for how long. I'll take a solid break from here, but stay tuned. I'd prefer to see some new posters when I come back, people who've been here a long time but haven't made themselves known. If it's just the same <20 people, I may just be in contact through private messages.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you gringos, be sure to salt those turkeys! And be thankful your health isn't worse than it is. After checking out some other forums, I know that things could be much, much worse. Keep it in perspective. And since we don't know for sure our condition is incurable, there's no reason not to keep up the fight!


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