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Image Embedded Re: Genova stool results back. What do you think of this plan ?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Genova stool results back. What do you think of this plan ?

I made this chart for myself to remind me how I think this has happened to my body in a simple manner. For some reason I've never been able to upload images to the forum so if you copy the link you'll see the image.

Understanding that Antibiotic use and a high sugar diet somehow triggered my bacterial overgrowth is something I still can't really get my head around. The idea that candida are a type of riot police that come out when your body is struggling makes sense to me and this is the process in which I believe candida ends up taking hold of your body.

What I can't figure out is why candida took a hold in the first place. Is it simply because I was taking to many antibiotics and killing off my friendly bacteria triggering candida to come out in to some type of defense mode , trying to do the job in a round about way that the healthy bacteria was in place for ?.

Finding out I have H pylori ( which is causing gastritis , stomach acid problems and ulcers ) and levels of streptococcus I'm wondering if I may have had these bacteria present before ever taking antibiotics and some how annoyed them to trigger candida to into defence mode. Tetracycline is the antibiotic I took lastly for just a month and the one that triggered all of my current health problems and is also one regularly used to treat H pylori.

My main question is why are so many people suffering with candida when this is simply a sort of defence held in place by the body. Surely if candida is present , be it through antibiotic use , poor diet or various other of the possible " causes " there is still something happening in the body to allow it to remain. Isn't trying to " kill " off candida just besides the point and " root " cause of everyone's health problems.

Would there ever be a reason for candida to affect a person like this if there wasn't an underlying condition , a huge lack of benifical bacteria or parasite causing a problem in the first place and wouldn't the best cause of action be to eliminate this or repopulate the benificial gut flora and then help your body get back to how it was on it's own ?.

I see most " cures " and " cleanses " , even the one I've been given from health professionals and doctors , seem to explain we need to push the candida back and then repopulate with friendly bacteria at the same time as getting rid of any " bad " bacteria ". 

This makes sense but is it wise to be focusing on pushing back and trying to eliminate candida before focusing on resolving the reason it's there in the first place ?. Granted it's hard to repopulate the healthy flora with candida in place and I suppose this is the reason you must battle both together. 

I've got a lot to think about before I decide which way I am going to approach the healing of my body. I plan to have a " Biolab Gut fermentation profile " which measures levels of alcohol in the blood. Taken from their website...

Excessive growth of Candida in the small intestine results in the production of ethanol from ingested dietary carbohydrate. The alcohol thus produced passes into the blood. The exact identity of the fungus involved is still open to question, but the assumption is that it is the growth of either Candida or another yeast that causes the symptoms.  "

It also looks for short chain fatty acids, which are desirable products of fermentation by friendly bacteria in the large bowel.

This should then help me decide and pin point more of a definite answer if my problem is candida and not just the bacteria and parisites already found causing the biggest problems.

My question to myself is what is 


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