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High metabolism and GB flush
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Published: 8 years ago

High metabolism and GB flush

I did another flush tonight, did one the other day but without the Epsom Salts , and a 36 hour fast beforehand, felt the same both times. My health is ok, I have general gallbladder pain most all the time except for after eating anything, then it's pretty bad so I eat very small meals, I mostly just snack for meals. I can't even eat anything with fat anymore, been this way 8 years or so with the ocassional GB attack over the years. I guess, for years now I've had general GB pain, not to bad though. As far as my metabolism, it's ridiculous. Yesterday morning, I had oatmeal with apricots, then carrots and Celery for lunch, a half gallon of organic apple juice in between all this, and it's coming out the other end already 5 hours later. So now, I basically went into another flush with a completely empty gut again.
Here is how it went.
12:30 PM half tablespoon Epsom Salts
1:30 PM half tablespoon Epsom Salts
4:00 PM full tablespoon epsom salts
6:00 PM half cup olive oil, grapefruit juice chaser and off to sleep.
8:15 PM awake with gallbladder pain hot/warm feeling
Pain bad, felt like vomiting, like bile is backing up into the stomach but could just be stomach juices.
9:30 PM worst of attack subsiding, especially after urinating at 9:15 PM
10:30 belching the last and stomach quite now with lingering stomach pain and some heartburn which I expect.
12:00 midnight. Took another tablespoon of epsom salts.
Right now it's 12:30 PM, just impatient I guess, and will go to sleep again yet in an hour or two but am considering doing another half cup of olive oil. I don't care about heartburn, the stomach is the fastest healing organ in the body, it will recover..

Does any of this sound normal? I'm not feeling particularly confident about this flush. I am purchasing the Pulverexx pills, two bottles and will try that I guess starting next weekend. It feels more like my body is saying, ok half pint of olive oil, that's calories since my body is starved of any fats anyways. The only other major symptoms I have are that my cartilage is brittle, my body is falling apart, I had a major dislocation that required 6 hours of surgery this year with no injury just put my arm over my head and bingo, same thing with my hip cartilage, it's all wrecked, no injuries, just rips apart, quite debilitating.. Am I starving myself, malabsorption, etc.? The doctors, are such idiots, because skinny is cool, they say oh be glad of your BMI, I say I can't gain weight am I sick?, I'm serious, they laugh, such traitors to the practice of medicine.
We have some Eastern doctors around these parts, I may have to just go in and see them, they are not unreasonable regarding costs to see them either. I'm sorry for such a long post, I guess I just need a good doctor. I will report back to this thread regarding if anything comes of the flush.

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