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Re: The END of candida !!!!! I may have begun the killing of my Candida with Blood Root powder

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: The END of candida !!!!! I may have begun the killing of my Candida with Blood Root powder

I have had Candida for some time, and now it has come out onto my face. I was getting strange rashes, some of them turned into cracking or open-type sores that would not close with medicines applied. So I tried several creams and anti-fungal soaps that women use when yeast infections attack their private parts of the body!

To my amazement, all over-the counter products failed to impact the Candida. In fact, the bumpy reddened facial sores seemed to be going much deeper into my tissues, as if the infection was boring deeper yet into my body. Over time, these invaders were living well and moving freely within my connective tissues below my skin layers.

Well, I finally stopped the tunneling´like infection via a 6 per cent Magnesium Chloride solution (30 grams of MgCl crystals in 500ml of sterile water) being applied to the skin.

Please note: magnesium is an important chemical to the body, and when MgCl contacts any skin surfaces of the body, it will take it directly into its tissues. I believe the magnesium particle and its deeper movement into tissues caused the invaders to die off or get sickly. If this is Candida and its getting sick of encountering MgCl -- immune system will attack it pronto.

My procedure was this: I used simple rags of cotton about 4 inches square diped into Mgcl solution. I got relief via wiping my face daily, several times every day for a week or more. In fact, I wipe my entire head with this MgCl solution, and have killed the Candid – or moved it off my face!

To stop the yeast infection within my mouth, though, I used a smaller rag, 1 inch by 1 inch, to chew on and about over my teeth each night before going to sleep (I stopped two huge infections at gumline and sore within mouth with MgCl present in the form of a chew rag). This simple procedure seemed to keep the Candida from getting into my gums and other parts within the mouth! What a drama!

Could I impact the Candida even deeper into my body with some other chemical? I took MgCl internally, but the body does not accept it easily, for i get the runs in the morning. Is there not some more powerful natural ingrediant to be found? Could Blood Root powder be useful? The American Indians used it as a medicine.

My only proof that Blood Root is killing Candida, at this time! Let me try to explain! I have been using a honey bucket for several years now. A honey bucket is a pissing pale of sorts (with a lid), where I collect nightly pissing events until next morning´s examination and dumping event. A white slimmy-looking substance has been growing on the sides (inside surfaces above the pissing liquid line) of this honey bucket for some years. In fact, I must clean out honey bucket every few months with aggressive soaps. And after each cleaning event of pale, the white gummy substance did return! The white slime has been going on for a long time. A few days after taking Blood Root powder, though, I did notice the white slimmy stuff was looking a little sickly -- even turning brown to black in places. Well for several weeks now, it has been dead looking!!!

I have been taking Blood Root for over 3 weeks, in pill form (preferred), and prior to that about 2 weeks in powder form (avoid taking it in powder form). This killing event of white slimmy stuff within my honey bucket is good news to me! So if one wanted to prove they had Candida yeast or as i have discussed so far as slimmy stuff -- get a honey bucket and prove it yourself. Then if it presents itself in your honey bucket, begin taking Blood Root to see if it too dies off! Could any doctor get any money off this procedure -- the honey bucket test? I hope doctors do not rush to Walmart or Target and raid the plastic pales with lids there! Think of it: now patients with my honey bucket procedure and pale we can prove you have candida in a few months -- that will be $180 at the pay counter!!!

Well I finally bought 1 oz of Blood Root, a red powder, and have been taking it in very small doses (about 5 weeks now). It is a strong medicine, indeed, for the body´s stomach and throat tissues do not like this Blood Root powder, and it has to be taken with food.

This is my approach: I took 0.200 grams of pure Blood Root powder(need a scale that measure 0.001 accuracy) twice a day. Well, I could not take this amount in powder form for my body wanted to vomit. So I had to put the Blood Root powder in capsules, each about 0.30 grams in weight -- including capsule weight. During the middle of eating two meals, I took one capsule then finished each of these daily meals. I tried taking 2 capsules in one meal, and did upset my stomach.

Please note: before doing any of this read up on the powder beforehand!

The results are immediate, within a few days my body did feel great in my intestines, and days later it seemed I was doing less face wipes of MgCl. Could this encapsuled Blood Root powder be impacting the body internally -- even impacting the Candida itself in the blood stream? I suspect after a few months of taking blood root in pill form (2 per day), there should be some real evidence that candida is suffering!

Blood Root has anti-cancer properties, and it kills fungus tpyes living in organs and hope it gets into my blood stream too. I also suspect Blood Root in the body, in small amounts, could get rid of other body intruders. Even so, when candida loses its control over the body, gets sickly of sorts, the immune system will alert white cells to get rid of it finally!

I do not think Blood Root Powder should be taken for long-term, though, so do even more reading until you are sure of the time factor. Remember a full dose is 3 times 0.20 grams per day. (update: Jan 2013 -- i still can not take more then one 0.20 grams dose per day, please be careful! Also, i take these doses for a few weeks, and stop a few weeks!)


p.s.1. To make your own capsules has videos and the capsule machine for sale, including quality herbs for reasonable prices. There are 4 or 5 companies selling herbs, so look before you leap!

Also, I have been taking dandelion root powder for a few months now, and it is easy to take in powder form. I place a teaspoon of this powder in cup of yogurt, and mix and eat. The flavor has a nutty taste to it. This powder has had medical research done on it already. It acts as a time bomb to older cells, which should normally self-destruct. And the ones that do not – usually cancers and other cellular-acting invaders do not. So in the presence of dandelion these strange cells too (cancers and anomalies cells) begin to die or get sickly on their own.

The good news here: when sick-looking or acting cells are encountered by white cells– they get attacked in the moment. And because cancer cells are typically much larger then normal living masses --even with their own blood sources – a maximum attack by all white cells in the area will take this SICK ONE apart -- as all anomalies get cut up and taken away that do not belong to the body!

Final alert note, buying already made pills could be a huge risk to your health. So do not think of it! This is especially true with Blood Root Powder and Black Salve Capsules too. Black Salve Capsules should never be taken -- look online to see the damages done. So just make your own Blood Root Powder pills, on your own, to be extra safe and not sorry.

p.s.2. Yet another opportunity to chat about dental plaque removal via mouth wash of magnesium Chloride. I have been using magnesium chloride for many years, and discussed it earlier within //

In regards to 1 inch by 1 inch chewing rags that I briefly discussed above, doing this ´brush and rinse´ process over a few months will eliminate all teeth plaque within mouth(except bottom two front teeth inside surfaces). In other words, brushing and rinsing out mouth with 6 percent concentration of MgCl, the Magnesium positive part of molecule will attach or seek out any calcium molecules encountered that happen to be ´plated´ onto teeth (I do not know how or why both molecules seekout each other -- but when put together they do good business within the body). With both chemically together (sort of a chemical scrub of the teeth enamel), you just spit all liquids out of mouth to begin normal brushing of teeth with toothpaste of choice!

Please note: No toothpaste removes dental plaque -- that is a big no-no! If one such product did get on the market the dental community (worldwide) would be breaking down that toothpaste factory´s front doors maybe even hang their CEO in the lobby. How dare any toothpaste manufacturer consider taking away the dental industry´s grestest ´cash cow´ earnings! After all plaque removal is REQUIRED of all dental patients worldwide?

I suggest to look into the my letters posted at //
to date, to find the few letters chatting about MgCl useage to remove dental plaque! The savings could be bigger then you think too! For example: a family of five´s one year dental visit to cleaning teeth could cost $100 after insurance TIMES five equals $500. Does not seem much but think about the much greater benefit: if no plaque present on teeth there are no places for cavities to hide or get started! Now there is a huge savings and justifications for chewing on a MgCl soaked rag! What a drama -- i am chewing on the rag!?¿?

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