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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- My Last Letter on Subject, thanks Curezone!!!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief -- My Last Letter on Subject, thanks Curezone!!!

There are no creams, penis-stretching devices or cutting-out type surgeries existing today that will stop or even delay peyronies victims´ final outcome. Peyronies is a progressive malady that will not stop till entire penile structure is drawn completely within victim´s body cavity. The curvings, softenings, bumps, indents and lengthwise plaque enriched ridges are but a few of the 7 levels of peyronies discomforts and deformities! All this degrading business ends with complete dysfunction of the penile itself.

The honeybee venom is not a medicine; it is a toxin bearing ´dart!´ When these toxin loaded ´darts´ are injected into the body they travel in all directions, killing every cell encountered. Honeybee venom does not dissolve arthritic plaque, instead it injects millions of tiny toxin ´darts´ all around, including getting stuck deeply into non-living material (calcium-based plaque), if present! The venom does not stop its toxin penetrating mission, until body´s immune system successfully runs down (captures and encases) each and every one of them.

Fortunately, the immune system is everywhere in the body and it will run down all free moving toxins within about 6 inches from beestinger´s entry point. Once each of these moving ´dart´ gets captured, the immune system covers each of them with calcium-like encasings for later disposal. Then the immune system´s cleanup squad called, white cells get put into motion (they are everywhere too)! All suspected venom that has been encased get engulfed by white cells, all to be taken to special trash cans called, lymph nodes.

Note: not one injected medical medicine moves about, on its own power, when injected into body muscle or fatty tissues.

In regards to those millions of venom like ´darts´ that successfully speared individual living cells, they will get engulfed by white cells in the invading zone. Most importantly, though, are the many millions of venom carrying ´darts´ that got themselves stuck in none-living calcium based plaque (called arthritis). These embedding darts with venom get engulfed by white cells collectively! As the white cells are ´engulfing´ these invaders and injected toxins -- much virgin plaque get removed too (plaque is non-living calcium based materials – that got coated onto living cartilage and bones for a reason). The reason is during work and play, certain parts of the body got damaged. And the immune system has labeled those parts as damaged zones!Thus the result of the immune system is to protect the damaged work and play areas with calcium-based plaque -- sort of a quick bandage put onto living joint systems to protect from further damage.

Keeping the above in mind, by adding additional honeybee venom injections in similar spot -- more white cells will be called to duty. Yep, more white cells means more contaminated plaque with virgin plaque combined will get removed in the meantime. Please sellect entry point for beestinger nearest arthritic joints or directly on top/center of penile shaft itself.

By adding even more beesting injections within same entry point, the white cells count will increase and increase AND more and more virgin plaque contaminated with venom darts gets removed – until there remains only living tissues, living cartilage and living bone structures (a sort of clean sweeping action by white cells collectively). So in reality, white cells do the actual plaque removal process -- not honeybee venom! Well it has no choice -- for white cells must remove all plaque contaminated with honeybee toxins within the body anyway!

The safest honeybee application for peyronies removal is: 1 to 2 beestings per week, duration: 5 minutes each. The pain from a beesting is tolerable most of the time, but if lots of pain is experienced by peyronies victim he has hit a blood vein within the penile, and must flip out beestinger pronto (this is considered a failed injection).

Important note here: to reduce pain from honeybee venom injection to zero --apply ethyl chloride spray.

Over time honeybee venom injections result is this: After 2 months of honeybee venom injections on the penile structure, the penile structure will drop to hang normally (as in one´s youthful years)! In other words, the penile shaft and testicles will drop away from the body cavity to hang as is normal in men (this event can easily be seen during the shower)! Next Results: the penile shaft will begin to expand with much strength, as in one´s youth. Final results are: bends, indents, ridges and fractured parts of penile structure will slowly go away .i.e., disappear (change back to normal). Sexually speaking: the penile will respond to sexua| activity within 3 to 6 months of honeybee venom injections listed in this document. Please note: honeybee venom injections are for life!

In those extreme peyronies cases, severe bends and fractures and other deeper set deformities within the penile, it will take more then one year to correct (except the 7th level -- there is no BVT treatment repair possible). Please remember BVT treatments only apply to penile dysfunctional types due to plaque depositions!
Also, do not try to double the honey bee venom injections, it will not matter much. The time between self-injections (2 times per week) will allow the immune system and white cells to do their cleanup jobs properly and give peyronies victim´s penile a welcome relief from the honeybee venom injections.

The big payoff: peyronies victims become sexually useful and functional, but with some loss in penile length! In my case, I have been free of peyronies well over 6 years now! I did this self-injection process without any doctor´s cutting ways and means in the privacy of my home! Just think no doctors practicing, nor penile cuttings on the floor, nor prickings of penile in a doctor´s hand, and no billing in the mailbox.

Please note: maintenance injections of 1 to 2 honeybee venom injections per month are required for the rest of peyronies victim´s sexua|life.

If you are a peyronies suffer, please remember the longer you wait the shorter your penile may get! And you know in which direction it´s going towards -- over the longrun! If this concerns you, do a simple Google search using two keywords; beesting, peyronies.

Currently, I have started a different ´passive´ test procedure on my prostate. Of course bee venom injections are not possible in this new situation of mine. Even so, there is a procedural way to do this corrective business! I am not a doctor so cutting ways and means is not on my agenda. I wish to keep my prostate alive and well, so doctors are out of the picture, a second time. The prostate problem is the same, it is plugged up with arthritic plaque. I hope to have a useful ´flushout´ procedure by mid-year 2013! Alert: all prostate repairs by doctors are with knifes and cuttings on the floor, and the prostate does not function properly thereafter!

p.s.1. some of you may be crying out ´One Year of Self Treatments, no way!!!´ But remember: to make peyronies even visible to the eye, the patient must have had this malady 5 to 10 years before! Also, honey bee venom is a very weak poison by any venom standards (it takes 1,500 beestings to put an adult into the hospital). Snake venom usually kills, so be very grateful that honey bee venom wipes out peyonies, indirectly speaking.

Also, what doctor in their right mind would prescribe 2 beesting doses, per week, or even, just take two aspirins Sir! Neither of these remedies help any doctor´s pocketbook! Since there are no deep cuts or flowing blood to patch-up in the office, (deep cuts feed deep pockets), doctors´ services do not include bee venom treatments!

Also, if it really did take 1 full year of BVT treatments, in the severe peyronies cases, billings from said doctor (per visit) would be $80 minimum times 100 visits equals about $8,000! Not even half of the purchase price of a cheap car per patient! Whereas, peyronies implants cost about $50,000 to $80,000 per patient and 10 percent of these operations do fail (even more money to doctor´s pocket)! What did I say? Yep! Over 10 percent leave the doctor´s office with their penile structures in a pickle jar!

p.s.2. I have tried to display in my letters the importance of safety when applying honeybee venom injections (rule is never inject more than one beestinger in any similar spot within a 24 hour time frame). There are major research projects, all using purified bee venoms attached to metallic nano-particles for killing cancer cells. Anyway, with just 1 hour of fun Google Pictures searching (Key words: electron microscope bee venom) readers can get a great perspective of bee venoms in action!

Also, when you see how big white cells are, in comparison to bacteria, the viewer can easily picture why white cells could dig huge holes within non-living masses of arthritic deposits -- when completely saturated with bee venom darts all about. And with repeated honeybee venom injections, over time, it becomes very apparent that all non-living mass deposites like Arthritis that are ´plated´ on top of living cartilage and living bone structures -- could easily be swept clean by white cells! Enjoy.

Nano-venom of honey bee stuck to cell

Bee venom below

Immune system in action below

Pictures of pollen below

p.s.3. Well I have tried to push the idea that honeybee venom removed arthritic plaque, and it took me several years of self-observations to discredit this statement!

The correction is the body´s own immune system -- specifically the white cells, actually does the removal process of arthritic plaque from the body. Even though the plaque removal is very slow, with repeated honeybee venom injections, all calcium-based plaque does get swept away!

I had upset a lot of peyronies related forum groups with my pitching about honeybee venom injections over the years and still these same irate members are self-pitch their ´short-term´ doctor based opinions and comments. And I frankly got really tired of these groups (I searched for 3 years or more on the subject with no useful results of any kind), so I decided to take a big risk on my own penile.

During the first 3 months (over stinging) of self injections, I did about all that could be done wrong to my penile – and we both lived though it (barely mentally)! After about 6 months of continued error making, a much ´safer´ and slower procedure developed! After 6 months more of 3 to 4 injections per week I got real visible results! with 3 months of refined BVT treatments(I did discover less beestings could have done the same job), a BVT-procedure was re-confirmed to be most useful to peyronies victims! I readjusted my BVT-injections treatments down to 2 per week and then down to 2 per month onwards!

During a winter break-time,I delayed my BVT injections yet another 3 months (6 months no BVT injections)!To my shock, I was back to stage 1 of peyronies once again(penile and testicles pulling toward my body cavity)! The good news is: I knew exactly what to do -- I begin 3 to 4 injections per week and HAPPILY did discover a few weeks later all my newly forming peyronies depositions within penile had been swept clean -- once again. It is here that I had discovered honeybee venom injections are for life! I continue with 2 honeybee venom injection per month – even 6 years later!

p.s.4. Why does bee venom work over other types of injections administered by licensed doctors? The reasons are many, but two of them are the most important. First, the bee venom acts like a dart, with it spearing into living cells and surrounding non-living masses like arthritis! The 'darts' kill living cells on contact and imbed themselves within non-living masses call arthritis! The white-blood cells (there are many types of them, see google search white-blood cells pictures). All attacks by the immune system, (it is everywhere within body-fluids of each organ) actually run down the still moving toxin like darts, and all cells that have been killed by bee venom are removed! But when it comes to actually removing all those speared masses of arthritis, the story changes to a cutting out both toxin soaked Arthritis masses (non-living liken to cement of sorts) and some not so saturated (surrounding) Arthritis masses to assure - the complete remove of evidence of invader within body! Thus the actual removal of arthritis is taking place via the immune system that put it there in the first place!!!

Secondly, The honey-bee venom (toxin content) is a very different type of injection material, then all the doctor medicine type injections! The bee venom toxin is millions of tiny dart-like living cellular invaders - all doing on thing move in all directions, after entry and kill all living cells encountered! In other words, the bee venom, itself, moves on its own, and does what it is supposed to do - travel and kill on their own power. This is not how any doctor manufactured medicine operates - they all just set there waiting entry into body via attrition! None have their own 'motor' of sorts, and venoms do!

In conclusion, just the one bee venom injection impacts the entire penile structure, providing the 'darts' get past the skin barrier of the penile itself! This same 'darts' over time, will saturate the entire penile, even the few inches within body itself! The sad news is the bee venom toxins can not pass over into the prostate, which has arthritic non-living deposits within called, prostate chips, by doctors. These 'fixes' by doctors are all bloody and kill 30 percent of the prostate gland in repair! i.e. No further sex occurs!

I only have one more item to add; the subject of pain from bee stingers themselves. I only recently discovered the use of ethyl chloride spray, which basically removes 95 per cent of the bee stinger’s pain. I personally wished I had discovered it sooner! Well I must have injected myself with over 800 to 1000 beestings without any pain killer (believe me it was often that I did jump up and down, even spin around and around -- at least 10 percent of the time)! But with ethyl chloride sprayed onto penile structure, 30 seconds before injecting, 90 per cent of the pain does not register. And if some pain does surface, a second short spray will reduce those readable pain levels back down to zero!

With all said, I am basically done with this subject! I will now commit to finding a passive repair for my prostate -- without doctors of any kind. In regards to peyronies suffers -- time is short --It is now up to you, either trash my earlier written 19 letters on the subject at //
OR consider these letters a serious way or method of side-stepping doctors and the forever cutting ways and means into your pocketbook! And if you prefer doctors, please do not forget your pickle jar, just in case!

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