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My little diary while on my 1st Humaworm course
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Published: 9 years ago

My little diary while on my 1st Humaworm course

Hi guys. In case this would help. My 1st time of taking the full course of Humaworm. Did not know I had parasites, did the deworming program as a part of a general detox. Diary starts with the day I order Humaworm, and I am taking a colon cleanse.

18th Sept
Ordered Humaworm yesterday, been eating pineapple and pumpkin seeds in the last few days together with bladderwrack 3 x day, oil pulling in the morning for 15 mins, and 2 pills of senna yesterday.
Noticed some 'sesame seeds' in my BM.
19th sept PM
Bloated all day, no BM so took an enema in the evening. Lots of green mucous came out, a few small worms, about 3 inch long, white colour, flat like ribbon. Could be little tapeworms, or big Acaris. Some hard stuff, looked green and rubbery or shell. After the first BM there was more green mucus BMs but I didn't look. Felt awful, nauseous and sweating but all relieved after BM. Bladderwrack 3x day
21st Sept Friday
My colon detox pills arrived, started taking one am and one pm. They are not the Humacleanse detox pills, some other brand can't remember now, but mainly psyllium. 2 plain enemas in the morning, very smelly.
22 sept Saturday
Psyllium twice a day. All day very gassy urgh sulfur smelling gas, no BM
23rd sept Sunday
Been taking psyllium 2x day, lots of water, eating pumpkin seeds. Not much happens, urinating all the time, one normal consistency, very dark BM in the morning. Bladderwrack 3x day.
24th sept
increased psyllium dose.
25th Tue
Oil pulling am. Pineapple for breakfast. Psyllium, bladderwrack, bit of senna, bought sweet spices yesterday and using them in porridge every day. Pumpkin seeds. New thing is taking a few garlic cloves before bed - chopped and swallowed with water.
26th sept Weds
Oil pulling am. Took 3 psyllium, a little bit of senna, bladderwrack, pumpkin seeds pm. Day without juicing as too tired. Had some BM am and pm. Bought detox tea. Had sweet spices in porridge. Garlic cloves before bed. Bad gas all day, probably cos of the garlic.
Oil pulling am. Psyllium, bladderwrack. Sweet spices in porridge. No garlic at night. A few BMs today!
3rd Oct
Humaworm arrived!
Took it in the evening, pineapple and pumpkin seeds in the morning. Weird stringy stuff in BM during the day plus sesame seeds
4th Oct
2nd day of Humaworm
Lots of BMs with weird stuff in it. Pineapple for breakfast, pumpkin seeds during the day. Strings, potato skins, clear long wormy stuff, hard bits like liver flukes. Feeling great!
5th Oct
3rd day of Humaworm
Feeling great! Poo with weird stuff in it still. Stringy worms etc.. Oil pulling. Pineapple for breakfast, detox tea, body brushing, kefir.
6th Oct
4th day of HW
Slightly constipated
7th Oct
Slightly constipated but stomach makes noises. Some roundworms in BM, and also some seed like items. Black and other dark ones.. In the evening did enema x 2, small ones, and a ball of roundworms came out and several other ones.
10th Oct
Lots of coconut oil, pineapple, apples. Pooping roundworm, smelly gas & poop
11th Oct
9th day on HW. Lots of roundworm.. Bad gas. Runny nose and phlegm.
Pineapple for breakfast, detox tea, apples. Lots of roundworm, bad gas, pooping non stop. Lots of coconut oil
12th day on HW
Lots of bad gas, lots of worms. Feel like there are more worms in the stool than anything else. Feel like 80% of my BMs consist of worms
15th Oct
13th day on HW. Still passing lots and lots of worms. Took senna lady night so soft stool today. Pineapple for dinner
16th Oct
14th day on HW
Oil puling in the mo. A bit constipated. Had lemon water and cilantro apple juice in the mo. Worms still in BM
19th Oct
17th day on HW
Still passing lots of roundworm...
22nd Oct
20th day on HW
Not passing a lot of roundworm anymore. Feeling tired but it could be not related to detox. Did a plain enema in the evening and some stuff came out.. Not sure what.. Been eating tomatoes so some stuff could be tomato peels
23rd Oct
21st day on HW
Been eating lots of onion and leeks in the last dew days.
26th day on HW
Stopped passing roundworm. I get the feeling that eggs are under attack now. Poop floats - I read that it means it is full of toxins
29th Oct
27th day on HW
A bit constipated, enema in the evening. Poop floating. No visible parasites. Oil pulling and coconut oil internally
30th Oct
28th day on HW
Poop floating, terrible pounding headache all day
31st Oct
29th day on HW
No symptoms, put floating BMs every day. Will do a plain flush in a week

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