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An Onion A Day Keeps a Stroke and Heart Attack away
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Published: 7 years ago

An Onion A Day Keeps a Stroke and Heart Attack away

Here is a good article on natural care.  Although it has many good points, I do not think you need to take so many supplements and herbs.  It reminds me of another "so called healer" who wants you to take everything but the kitchen sink to be well.  I did enjoy the fact he emphasizes the eating of onions daily.  They must be raw.

More people suffer from cardiovascular disease than from any other condition. Cardiovascular disease, including stroke, is an ongoing process. You don't wake up one day and suddenly have a heart attack. Similarly, the underlying reason you have a stroke is not something that happened ten minutes ago. No, both of these events represent a terrible breakdown in your system. An accumulation of toxic and inflammatory reactions has reached the state at which your body can no longer defend itself That is when you end up going into crisis. When that happens, you'll want to investigate every major way to fortify and protect your body, and use the most appropriate ones.

But here's the question I'm always asking: Why not take up the task of educating yourself and correcting your habits before a crisis occurs? After all, by the time you have a heart attack or stroke, you've probably been doing the wrong things for twenty, thirty, or forty years. If you suspect that last sentence applies to you, I recommend a change of course right now. It makes so much more sense than waiting for an unpleasant health event.


The first thing you should know is that a lot of what we call heart disease has been misdiagnosed. Why? During the 1950s and '60s, the "big thing" was cholesterol. At that time, medical authorities were looking into blocked arteries. They saw that an artery could be 80 to 90 percent blocked, causing high blood pressure, since it took greater pressure from the heart to push blood through this ever‑narrowing tube. The person with this blocked artery was a candidate for a heart attack, with kidney problems looming up ahead as well.

The researchers took tissue samples from these narrowed arteries and said that the primary ingredient was cholesterol, and they called for a cholesterol‑lowering diet. They made cholesterol the primary risk factor for heart disease (along with cigarette smoking). This was a premature and only partially correct answer.

We now know that cholesterol is not a risk factor per se, and that this substance is, in fact, vital to the health of every cell in your body. However, the LDLs, or low‑density lipoproteins, are the real danger. They contain high levels of cholesterol, and when they are elevated, they become a major risk factor for building up plaque in the arteries.

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