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Can parasites cause low stomach acid,,gerd, leaky gut, etc.?

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AngelofEventide Views: 18,462
Published: 8 years ago

Can parasites cause low stomach acid,,gerd, leaky gut, etc.?

I know low stomach acid can make you more prone to parasites, but what I actually want to know is if it can be the other way around - parasites causing the acidity of the stomach to drop, resulting in GERD, digestion issues, fat and carb intolerance, leaky gut. etc. I have been dx a couple of times in my life with parasites. I suspect I have/had Ascaris, due to the kinds of things passed when i have dine parasite cleanses in the past. Years later I tested positive for Roundworm via saliva. We also have a dog we got back in February who ended up having Giardia, but now after treatment has a clean bill of health. I have done numerous parasite cleanses in my life, but feel I probably never got them all. That combined with the low stomach acid, wreaking havoc. I also have had long term candida issues.

I am not underweight, in fact just the opposite. I am overweight and have trouble losing it, no matter how healthy or low fat I eat. I do know that I have low stomach acid. I have supplemented for years with digestive enzymes and Betaine. Not much help. I have tried numerous diets, to repair my digestion, the longest being the candida diet and I have been gluten free for a long time. Lately, it seems my reflux has gotten worse. If I eat any kind of fat, starch or carb, my reflux flares up horribly. Thus, in order to not agitate things, I have to eat very plain. Spicy things, even if low fat bother me too. Lots of bloating and gas. I have had my gallbladder out. One of the reasons I suspect parasites at play is. I am waking up nearly every night between 1 and 3, usually unable to get back to sleep. Leg cramps are worse despite supplementing with magnesium. During those times, my stomach is making loud, rumbling, gurgling gas noises also. I have started taking a supp called Gastro ULC which has helped some, but I ran out of it and had to special order it. It arrives later today. I was out all weekend and my reflux came back with a vengeance.

Looking at parasite symptom lists, I have most of the symptoms. I suspect my husband has them too. So back to my original question, can parasites actually be the cause of the leaky gut and low stomach acid? Thanks.

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