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Re: I wanna knock out this pressure and pain now...
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: I wanna knock out this pressure and pain now...

Yes i'm completely off the valium, my dose before quiting completely was about .35-.40 I forget the exact dose. I was cutting around .02 daily. Although I did take 1mg before I got off, when I was freaking out with the ammonia thing. but it was when I was taking alot of charcoal so I don't think i would've absorbed the full thing. This could very well be all benzo right now, it's pretty intense. I'm just hoping it starts to subside a little soon.

You're right, the doctor was just guessing. Bloodwork did indicate inflammation is the only reason I thought it was intestinal inflammation/ulcer. That and I also sometimes felt the pain travel down my right side/intestine, or I could feel stuff moving through intestines as pressure/pain.

The diets I was doing, I listened to that idiot anthony guy and tried all carb diet, potatoes. I tried to do juicing but it always made me crash bad, i know it's extremely healthy it just didn't work for me at the time. I tried the all oatbran and high grain diet, my problem is I get too impatient and blame any symptoms on a diet before sticking with it for long enough. So I keep switching diets.

Yes I have some triphala, gonna start taking it again soon, i'm not taking anything right now except food, turkey, homeade chicken soup with pureed carrots.

I visited the EMF link, that makes alot of sense, I have alot of those problems. the thing is, I live in apartments, surrounded by 73 towers, and everyones wifi. I just turned mine off and am using cables. I sleep on my grounding pad, I have some orgonite. I don't know what else to do. I obviously have no money to move away from all the wifi and towers.

I'll do the CEs, just brewed one up with the Wilson's cofee off the internet. lots of garlic and that, and a Liver Flush soon, i just hope it gives me some relief.

Yes I was eating toxic food for a couple days, I went to jail and had no choice(old warrant from a year ago). It was a horrible experience being trapped and forced to eat tiny portions of crap food. I lost all my money because this and had to continue eating crap food for a few days until I could afford groceries.

IF my stomach had SIBO or inflammation though, everything i've read says probitiocs only will make it worse. I've been about 24 hours on the SCD,. I can feel the starving candida/bacteria/ parasites or whatever, they are craving junk food and sugar. The intro diet lasts about 3-5 days then I can expand my diet. hopefully it works, this with coffee enemas and kava kava to help with any withdrawal im still in.

It's just hard, i'm sorry. If I were you i'd be sick of my bullsh!t. Everyone around me just thinks I need prozac and to eat cheeseburgers and it's all in my head. Even my family, girlfriend, doctors. I'm sure alot of these problems are benzo, but theres also some serious health problems I need to adress as well and It's overwhelming.

I'm going to do a Coffee-Enema tonight, take my kava kava. I need to find a way to get away from all the EMFs and find energy to get some sort of job again.

Gonna up the garlic intake, take some of the parasite tincture and powder, and do 2 CEs daily. Hopefully this helps, or i'm fresh outta ideas and hope.

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