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Re: Need some parasite success stories ...
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Need some parasite success stories ...

My Story:

Firstly, I don't know for a fact that I picked up this parasite in Bolivia, but I suspect. Could have been just as likely I picked it up from growing up on a pig farm in Northern Kansas.

Anyhow, approximately 1994 I travelled to Bolivia, South America. While there, we ate from street vendors and salad bars and I ended up getting quite sick with vomiting and diarhea. I assumed it was merely Montezuma's Revenge, just an ameoba and so did not go to a doctor, instead choosing to wait it out till I got better. I returned back to America and life went on as normal. Approximately 7 years later, I started getting quite ill. In my search for health, I had come across information that illness could be caused by parasitic infections, and so I tried a couple of herbal parasite remedies. To my astonishment, numerous strange looking things came out of me. Hundreds of strange looking things started coming out of me. Not knowing what parasites looked like, I was baffled. It looked like parasites, but how could I be sure. I felt like I needed confirmation from a doctor. So, to doctor after doctor I went, hoping that they would properly diagnose me and give me the proper treatment. But, time after time I was to be disappointed. Most doctors gave me a strange look as though I was crazy for even asking about parasites. One doctor just out of medical school told me that people in America do not get parasites, without even hearing that I grew up running barefoot as a kid on a pig farm or that I had traveled abroad, I didn't feel up to the task of convincing him. Another doctor offered to give me a medicine that would kill all parasites. She perscribed Metronidazole, a general antibiotic. I guess she thought that I was so stupid that I didn't know how to do my own research. Metronidazole only kills a couple of ameoba type of parasites, neither of which I had. She thought she was alleviating my concern. But, the reality is that she just chose not to listen to me and insulted my intelligence in the mean time. Even after knowing of my experiences in Bolivia and a highly parasite ridden area, she chose to ignore my concern. I did manage to get a couple of doctors to submitt stool samples to diagnostic clinics, but then I found out that the clinics only test for parasites that are common to the United States. F. Hepatica and F. Buski just happened to not be on the list. Let alone the fact that you really have to do more than one sample, more like 5 to be sure, like they do in Bolivia, since parasites lay eggs periodically and may not be in every stool sample. Doctor after doctor I went to. Then six years after I first got ill, I was diagnosed with cancer. Two years of treatment and a mastectomy and I was still alive. As far as I could tell the cancer was gone. I chose to do another round of anti-parasitic herbs to see if I still had the little buggers, and sure enough, they were still around. So, I found a guy online to perscribe me some Praziquintal, after doing a bit of research. After taking a dose or two, one huge, fully formed gray fluke appeared in my toilet. Matching in every way to pictures I had found on the internet, I saved this bugger for a few weeks in a saline solution. I was so discusted and disappointed with the medical profession by that time, that I didn't even want to try to take it into the doctor. I figured that they would just find a way to lie to me again. I finally just threw it away and continued doing more herbs. Then another couple of years had gone by, and the pain under my ribcage was getting unbearable. Finally, I swore that I would get to the bottom of this parasite infestation. Curezone helped me do this. With the help of curezone, I found out that the parasite that I had was indeed eithr F. Hepatica or F. Buski. F. Hepatica was highly endemic to the Bolivian alti-plano area and F. Buski prevalent in pigs. I also found that there was a doctor that could help me get the medicine that I needed, and that I could finally rid myself once and for all of the creatures that were by that time wreaking havoc on my liver. I took the medicine and today I am now finally once and for all better. If it wasn't for curezone and websites like it, I would have given up hope. These particular parasites that I had has the potential to cause cirhosis of the liver and liver failure in it's chronic phase. Neither medicines are to be found in the United States at all. I had to use a doctor from another country to finally get relief and real treatment.

I later found out through curezone, that the fluke parasite actually DOES come out looking like rolled up tomatoe skins and many people on curezone were experiencing the same type of things that I was as well as dissallusionment with the medical profession, feeling like we were crazy. We all knew these strange things were coming out of us in droves whenever we took the parasite herbs. We WEREN'T crazy! But, that is what the doctors were trying to tell us. Labeling us with parasitosis among other things. But, one thing I realized after going through cancer as I did. Doctors are NOT GODS! I had several doctors try to tell me that the lump on my breast wasn't cancer from visual inspection because of some sort of faulty medical training that they had which made them come to those conclusions. It was only an older semi-retired doctor that took one look at my tumor and announced that it was probably cancer just from visual inspection. After testing, this older doctor was correct. I had to have a mastectomy, chemo and radiation. It was a very agressive form of cancer. How could so many other doctors come away with such diverse, AND WRONG opinions I ask? It finally dawned on me that many doctors don't really know what they are talking about, but a few do. It is like playing russian rullette as to whether you will get the good doctor, or the bad doctor. Sometimes it is better to take things into your own hands. That is if you want to get well.

The reason we were in Bolivia in the first place was for business. Many Americans that we worked with had a local Bolivian doctor treating them. They were all told that they had to have parasite testing done on them before leaving Bolivia since Bolivia was a hot spot for parasites. ALL of the American employees of the company after testing in Bolivia had multiple parasites I was told. I got lost in the cracks. I was the only person that didn't have a Bolivian doctor running parasite testing on me. I suppose my husband thought that it would be too much for me to handle, so he was trying to protect me from the ugly truth. Problem is, I DID pick up these nasty creatures from somewhere (whether Bolivia or growing up on a pig farm as a small child, I don't know for sure). Everyone else with the company got treated, all the other employees, but me. Every doctor I told this story to here in America I guess either didn't believe me for some reason or didn't know how to handle it. Maybe they thought that I made up my travels to Bolivia or that I didn't really grow up on a farm. I don't really know. I do give the impression by my appearance that I have always been a city girl, but it simply isn't true. Appearances can be deceptive.

Anyhow, the Bolivian doctors also had told my husband that American doctors don't really know anything about parasites, especially from other countries and if you come back to America without getting treated in Bolivia, you will never get cured in America. My husband should have had me tested like everyone else. But, that doesn't excuse all the American doctors who didn't do their jobs and contributed to over ten years of suffering for me. Sometimes I honestly feel like sueing them all for negligence and malpractice.

So, now I have finally realized that although herbs will alert you to the little buggers, they won't cure you completely if you are a chronic carrier of flukes. I mean if the little buggers have traveled into your liver and billary passages or anywhere else. You have to take Triclabendazole (Egaten or some other brand) or Praziquantel or you won't get rid of them completely. (I would take both medicines Triclabendazole and Praziquantel if you have a fluke infection just to make sure you treat both types.) Then, after you finally get the proper treatment with the proper medicine, you can use the herbs to keep yourself clean. Finally, I broke down and did the last bit of research and found out what medicines it was that I needed to take. I found a doctor, from another country, go figure, that would treat me, and after all the years of suffering, I believe that I am now better. The cobo of Egaten and Prazi finally cured me. Thousands of the little buggers came out and they came out quickly. But, as a word of caution, take ex-lax the day before you plan on taking the medicine, and take it everyday for at least a week after treatment. Otherwise you will get blocked. Egaten works on F. Hepatica and F. Giganta. Praziquantel works on F. Buski.

I did learn some interesting things about the fluke parasite. These little buggers have a tendancy to suppress IL-2 (short for Interleukin-2). Interleukin-2 is suppressed in both Auto-immune conditions as well as Cancer. As a matter of fact, they use Interleukin-2 in the treatment of many types of cancer. Do I believe that my infection with the parasite caused my Auto-immune disease in 2001? I don't know, but I suspect. Do I believe that my infection with the parasite caused me to get cancer in 2006? I don't know, but I suspect. Is there somebody out there that deserves to be sued? I don't know, but I suspect.

May God Bless and Encourage your long journey to health,


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