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Natural Therapies Warnings/Understanding
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Published: 11 years ago
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Natural Therapies Warnings/Understanding

If you are embarking on a natural protocol it is important to understand how these therapies work.

90% of the mechanisms that you employ whether its herbs, oils, citrates , dmso, ozone are pro oxidant.

Since majority of cancers ferment glucose and do not exploit Kreb's cycle you can understand using highschool biology.

Fermentation does not happen under high partial pressure of oxygen. Getting oxygen into cancer cells is a trick and heavy alkaline therapies do exactly that. So you must combine alkaline protocols with pro oxidant protocols.

Think about are starving cancer cells...well, do you die immediately if you are starving...NO!

So if you discontinue pro oxdiant therapies and even alkaline therapies you are allowing hungry cancer cells to start eating again.

How do you eat after you have been starving...Faster? More of the food you crave? Yes!

Cancers do the same....they hoard glucose....and start eating again at 3x the rate at which they consumed glucose in the past...and this is why traditional medicine claims these therapies can make your cancers worse.

I have seen this pattern over and over...tumor loads decrease, markers approach normal levels, signs of regression are seen...and this means that you can take a break? YOur therapies have been cumbersome and need a feel great.

If you need a break from your therapies you need to pick your battles...make it days and not weeks.

The other thing is that the first cancer cells to die are weaker, older, not genetically advanced so that your regression may involve more aggressive cells. Now would not be to time to let off these therapies.

If you are not getting the response you had hoped for you must increase the dosing and layer in additional support.

Bouncing from one therapy to another is poor strategy to do the impossible.

The other important topic is managing the die off...every single die off resembles exacerbation...there is pain, there is toxicity, you feel worse, some spillage may occurr and your markers may seem to spike...this is why weekly tracking of lactic acid is important because that is what cancer eat...if your lactic acid is trending downward and then your markers follow...a sudden spike in symptoms and in markers can surely mean die off...check your uric acid and potassium if you think you are having a die off. Do not go off of your therapies if you have been tolerating them all along...drink extra chlorophyll to help detox....and get those markers checked.

High level die offs are characterized by fever,nasea, and when going to the E.R. your doctor will think you have an infection....well, ask him to check for tumor die off as well, die off can hurt your kidneys....can't afford to miss this....

If anyone reading this meets resistance from any doctors please contact us immediately and we can intervene and talk with your doctor...after all...licensed nurses are suppose to do this, know how to do this.
Take Care

Bret Peirce

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