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not O/T adrenals, insomnia etc.
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Published: 9 years ago
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not O/T adrenals, insomnia etc.

Adrenals are a favorite subject of mine, those glands are closely related to the thyroid.
A deep diving for the geeks;

First, insomnia;
when I have stressful phases like I have had the last two months, anything can trigger this adrenal fatigue I have had, or the PTSD.
For instance; windy weather / storm. Reason why is that it reminds me of the occation were the trauma occured (tsunami in Thailand) palm trees that break like matches combined with the fact that my childrens life was at stake, and mine. So whenever this happens, like the fall storms, I cant sleep. Even if my rational mind knows it is no danger, my body / limbic brain knows it and keep me in an alert modus. This is closely related to allergy;
"The suppression of immunity functions is one reason many people get sick after a stressful event."

"Your limbic brain looks at time in a different way. It can function in a non-linear mode. The limbic brain perceives that every emotionally charged experience is happening continuously, and no matter how many highly charged events happen in your life, they are all perceived to be happening continuously, held in memory as simultaneous. They can burst unexpectedly into current time at any moment, whenever a similar situation occurs.

This twist of spiraling time can cause you to overreact unexpectedly to a situation in the present if it resonates with an emotional charge from an earlier time. Just as past and present emotional wounds run concurrently, so do joyous experiences. They, too, build upon each other, developing a system of positive expectations that can magnetize a wonderful reality.

The limbic brain has a "time-free zone" where it holds all of your emotional experiences in suspension. The experiences that are favorable and empowering are consistently available. They are resources for your creativity. Fortunately, the ones that are out of harmony can be processed and released, but until they are released, the signals from the limbic brain will continue to connect the unresolved emotions with uncomfortable effects in the physical body.

This could show up as enzyme repression, heart or circulatory changes, amino acid utilization disorders, immune suppression, muscle tension, emotional dysfunction, etc. In the same way, the impact of successful satisfying experiences reinforce the natural harmony of the physical body, giving it the stamina and resilience that can maintain it in optimal health.

Once a stressful incident has been resolved, it slips out of the frequency of the time-free zone. Then it can be permanently relegated to an inconspicuous past. The limbic memory reservoir is then free to reveal the positive emotional skills that could motivate you to rewrite your life scriipt in a different way. From then on, you come from a place of choice.

If a memory happens to arouse allergic symptoms repeatedly upon contact with the triggering stimulus, then it follows that processing the charge and drawing it out of the time-free zone would end the allergy. In our experience at the Balancing Center, we have found that it does.

In the same way, the limbic time-free zone forms the basis for post traumatic stress syndrome. Any subsequent stimulus that is similar to the circumstances that initiated the trauma will repeatedly evoke the original response. The reaction would be likely to appear excessive in the context of current time, but knowing that it is coming up uncensored from the original context, probably with minimal modulating inhibitors, the incongruity with current time begins to make sense.

The trauma is still being held in the time-free zone, and reexperienced repeatedly because it is perceived as still happening. Post traumatic stress syndrome can be thought of as a "situational allergy," and it can usually be released like any other allergy."

Then you have the physical relation to the adrenals;

"Cortisol, ACTH and aldosterone are not secreted uniformly throughout the day, but rather follow a diurnal pattern with the highest levels secreted at approximately 8:00 AM and the lowest between midnight and 4:00 AM. As a matter of fact, it is the rising cortisol level that helps us wake up in the morning. After its peak at approximately 8:00 AM, it downtrends through the rest of the day, often with a small dip in the afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00 PM. This curve of cortisol secretion however, is not a nice smooth curve, but is filled with episodic spikes that generally fit into an increasing and a decreasing pattern throughout the day and evening. Eating something, even a little snack, causes a small burst in cortisol levels. People who have regular snacks and meals keep their cortisol at higher levels for more of the day compared to people who do not snack. This is another reason to have regular healthy snacks in addition to regular meals if you have adrenal fatigue. Exercise also elevates cortisol levels similarly to food, so the combination of regular means, small snacks and exercise can do a lot to enhance depressed cortisol levels.

Some people with hypoadrenia have an overall low pattern of cortisol secretion with circulating cortisol levels lower than normal between 3:00 and 5:00 PM. Still others fluctuate throughout the day and can even vary from day to day so that their cortisol levels are unpredictable. They may go through part of their day with elevated cortisol levels, part of the day with low levels and part with normal levels. Although cortisol has its diurnal pattern of variations each day, it remains at an amazingly consistent level throughout your lifetime, under normal conditions. In later life, some people actually experience a small rise in cortisol. If this rise is excessive it may be related to some disorder. However, a rise in cortisol in response to stress is a natural reaction that actually protects the body in several ways."

After this trauma I woke up like 3-5 am in the morning, couldnt go back to sleep until 6-7. The exact same happens when this pattern are triggered. I believe it is the adrenals that in its trying to keep me alive, wake me up as if it is danger.

A few links I found informative;

"What is the role of the adrenal glands?

How well you live, and how well you feel, depend heavily on your adrenal glands. Your youthfulness depends on them. Your propensities to develop illness, to overcome illness, and to prevent illness, all depend on your adrenals. They are a major source of sex hormones, especially in persons over forty years of age. The adrenals are known as the stress glands, as they enable us to deal with any kind of stress, including internal imbalances. They also influence just about every organ or tissue and process in the body, determining the breakdown of carbohydrates and the conversion of fats, the regulation of blood sugar, and the health of the gastro-intestinal system, among many other essential areas of health. Briefly, the adrenal glands work to provide balance in the following areas:

• The immune system
• The sleep/wake cycle
• Brain function
• Glucose metabolism in muscles
• Protein metabolism
• Energy function
• Allergic reactivity

What is DHEA?

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) could be called ‘the youth hormone’. Ideally, we would maintain DHEA levels late into life, but for most people, levels normally peak at age twenty and then gradually decline. When they are seventy, they may have a mere twenty percent of their peak amount. Measuring DHEA levels has thus become a popular tool for health and longevity.

DHEA is the most abundant product of the adrenal glands, and it is also the most abundant circulating steroid hormone in humans. When the adrenals are chronically overworked and straining to maintain high cortisol levels, they lose the capacity to produce DHEA in sufficient amounts

-and so on; I have hardly started yet :) - by governing the thyroid and the adrenals, pineal gland etc. we are in charge of our health, IMO.


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