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This is such a mental game! We can beat it only if we are tougher and more resiliant than the candida!
mollygibson Views: 1,417
Published: 7 years ago

This is such a mental game! We can beat it only if we are tougher and more resiliant than the candida!

I am coming to realize that candida is a tough and highly persistant pathogen - which I have to be tougher and more persistant to beat. It seems like everytime I get a cold or flu, or accidentally eat something wrong (learned the hard way not to eat anything which says "spices" on the label - probably is Sugar or MSG!), or get too stressed out or anxious, it rears its ugly head. And then the die-off comes back, which for me means severe depression, anxiety, and tremors (I have tremors either way, but they are only present when candida is upsurging or I am killing it off.) So I find it easy to get discouraged, especially when well-meaning people around me are asking me, "What the heck are you doing to yourself? Isn't the cure worse than the disease?" (Ummm - NO! Not unless bouts of Depression and anxiety and tremors are better than being completely bedridden having to use a cane to go to the bathroom, stuttering and shaking, praying I will wake up alive in the morning.....)
So when I get discouraged, I don't ever cheat - ever. Gone through way to much for that to even be a temptation. But I do waste energy which my body needs to fight off the candida feeling sorry for myself, worrying about what people think of me, worrying about money, etc. Energy I should be putting into drinking 10 glasses of water a day to flush out the toxins. Energy I need to chew all those green veggies (I aim for 2 huge salads a day). Energy to juice even more veggies to drink. Energy to take vitamin C to fight off the cold which is weakening my immune system. Energy to do all the stuff which makes the die-off go away!
This weekend, after watching "The African Queen" while blowing my nose and tremoring, I made a decision to do knock off the self-pity and do EVERYTHING I know which helps me with the die-off and get rid of the candida. Every two hours my alarm goes off, and I take coconut oil for constipation, or vitamin C to fight off my cold and strengthen my immune system, or bone broth to restore my gut lining, or drink my coconut milk with cinnamon, or drink my green veggie juice, or eat my salad, or drink my water with appple cider vinegar..... whatever I need to do.
And would you know it? My tremors are almost gone. My Depression and mental fog and anxiety are lifted. Even my cold is almost better. Yes, it is a TON of work, but it beats the self inflicted hell I was living in for the past few weeks!


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