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Re: How can I recover? (Please help)
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: How can I recover? (Please help)

Its from some years ago, from an user called "letsconvenience". You cannot longer see the original post without being a forum member of the site.

Anyway, results vary greatly, another Propecia sufferer of the same forum, RSA,said:

"RSA wrote:
Hi Maria

I believe that your problem is closely related to ours in that you are suffering from drug toxicity which has caused a host of symptoms remarkeably similar to the finasteride sufferers. I believe that these symptoms of low libido, insomnia, depression, and the list goes on are all just symptoms of health impairment in the body casued by drug toxicity. The exact mechanism for this is irrelevant to me. What I have come to realise is that illness comes in layers, and healing comes in layers as well and is just the reversal of the illness process. I am currently following a nutiritional balancing program with Dr Wilson in the US, which is basically a nutritional, lifestyle and detoxification program that aims to correct various imbalances in the body so that the energy systems of the body are restored, and the body can then heal itself. If you are tired of conventional doctors prescribing you more drugs, that dont solve your problems then I suggest you check out his website as I believe that this program is the answer for me and others as well.
Please ignore the other dismissive comments of certain unsympathising people on this forum. You are a human being like us, who has been through hell, like us and now are just desperately looking for answers, and deserved to be helped as well. Feel free to send me a private message if you want to know more. There is hope!

JN, I am very worried about how you are experimenting with the dosages of copper and zinc like this. I have done a lot of research on mineral levels and health (it is the basis for the program I am following), and the relationships between the minerals are a lot more complex than we could ever imagine. For example just because you are low in copper does not mean you should necesarily supplement copper. I have been following a nutritional balancing program for 1 year now and granted I am still quite a way from recovery, with my Depression and reduced libido, but one thing I can tell you is that I sleep like a baby these days, where this was not the case 12 months ago. I think you would be better placed to get a full hair mineral analysis done with Analytical Research labs in the US. The late founder Dr Paul Eck pioneered the work on hair mineral analysis and now his protoge, Dr Larry Wilson is now carrying on in his footsteps. You can read up on a host of articles on his website:
Please go into it with an open mind. I am sorry to just jump in on your post like this but I saw you were experimenting with mineral levels and felt it was my duty to inform you that there are people who have researched these relationships extensively and may be better placed to help you. I am aware that I am going to take some abuse from this post (from the quackwatch gang) but hay, if I can possibly help you then it is worth it."

As everyone else, im also HUNGRY for real positive feedback from people doing NB. The ones in Wilson´s page just dont count much, sadly. I prefer the real people on the boards.

I guess NB works, but the time to see real improvement depends of how screwed you are. And I still need to explore parasites and food allergies (thanks for the emphasis Onwards, you are right on the money on those). Meaning $$$$$$ hahaha

Btw im still gaining weight and no longer losing it. Now I weight 58,3 kgs. I have gained 600 grams in 10 days.

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