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Re: I answered Unyquity's health Questionaire.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: I answered Unyquity's health Questionaire.


Here is a link to the Forum Description (that I posted in June): //
Please review the section of ' Forum Guidelines '.

I realize that it's unlikely you've stumbled upon the Forum Description since I didn't notify you that I'd created/posted it. But I also realize we've spoken privately about the issue of posting information that's not inline with the forum tenets - particularly information that conflicts with the tenets and/or recommendations that conflict with the healers upon whom this forum is based.

Perhaps you haven't researched Dr. Christopher, Dr. Schulze & Dr. Gerson enough yet to know of their recommendations regarding "water"...but their recommendations are for RO or distilled water only. And I can assure you it has nothing to do with being in the majority or minority, arguing, or people being 'touchy' - it has to do with what has been empirically/clinically proven to be the safest and most effective (as long as used as part an overall healthy program that addresses the entire body).

There are many reasons to never use a substance as unnatural as 'alkaline water'; it's potential for harm is well known. Here's a link full of various sites that explain the dangers:

Regarding Dr. Young and this:

>>> He would also say to drink alkaline water. I do like alot of what he has to say and the photos of some of his "patients" are amazing - similar to Dr. Schulze in that they seemingly have come back from the dead. Do I agree with everything? No..but it's good to hear and learn many things from different sources that have had great success in healing the incurable; and he and Dr. Schulze are very similar. <<<

I've just visted his site...

--the very first supplement I clicked on (adrenal) contains six synthetic "vitamins" (not even unnatural/isolated from food, but actual synthetic chemicals), along with two "proprietary blends" where the ingredients are not listed (although I see a breakdown of one of them in another listing). This is NOT similar in any way to Dr. Schulze, in fact it contradicts his teachings.

--None of the supplements that contained herbs that I saw initially mentioned anything about them being organic or truly wildcrafted (except his greens drink mix and something with organic soy). This is also not similar to Dr. Schulze, and in direct conflict.

--He strongly promotes an isolated amino acid (L-arginine) that forces the body into various states.

--Anyone can use a variety of unnatural supplements (even pharmaceutical drugs) and have miraculous "before & after pictures"...that doesn't make them similar to Dr. Schulze.

(I haven't perused the entire site, but that was more than enough).

I definitely understand the concept of 'alkalizing' and it has plenty of merit when done naturally (which happens as a natural part of what we do here). The body is perfectly capable of taking care of it's own acid/alkaline balance IF the diet is truly natural, the organs are in a natural/healthy state, there's ample microbiota throughout the GI tract and our lifestyle is free of harmful activities and emfs.

I appreciate your posts of support & encouragement to others very much; I also appreciate the fact that we can learn from a vast variety of sources. However, since your posting/recommending outside of the foundational tenets of this forum is an ongoing issue (that has been previously addressed), it now comes down to the following:

If the tenets & fundamentals of this particular forum are not something you can respect and honor, I certainly understand...without any hard feelings or animosity. But if that is the case, then you need to find other forums in which to post (or stay within the posting guidelines here)...because this is not something I'm going to continue spending my time & energy addressing (publicly or privately). Just to be clear, if this issue continues in any way, I (or one of the moderators) will click the delete/ban button.

Thanks for understanding -


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