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Re: How many have juice fasted? Healed my main issue

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: How many have juice fasted? Healed my main issue

quote Do you have a phobia of new diseases or something?!

No. I just don't think that scaring people with new diseases is good for anyone. A lot of doctors these days just want their names on billboards, and inventing new things is one way for them to get their 5 minutes of fame. It doesn't do the suffering people any good to make a new name for something.

quote Your post saying simply something "doesn't exist" with no sound reason or Science to back up your assertion is reckless and irresponsible to those suffering that horrible disease I was suffering from that can be easily healed and what you said reeks of sounding like it's all in someone's head.

No one said it's all in your head. You keep putting words in my mouth. All I said was that there is no such thing as toxic hunger. It's just a made up phrase with no meaning. It doesn't mean you weren't feeling well or that you didn't feel better after eathing healthier.

quote My glucose showed slightly below 70 in one of my blood tests I had to fast overnight for, so technically I was "hypoglycemic" according to the blood test and that helped fool a bunch of doctors I sought out and showed the test too which made them all recommended a low carb diet which is conventional wisdom on how to treat hypoglycemia, but that low carb diet (i.e. high protein) is exactly what was helping to cause my Toxic Hunger since most likely my liver had already gotten too toxic.

Well, one post you said you didn't have hypoglycemia and then in another post you said you did. I was only going by what you said. It is possible that you were borderline of course. But if you did have hypoglycemia then the treatment would be different for someone that didn't have it. I think it's pretty funny too that you actualize capitalize T and H to give it more oomph. One of the reasons it is a bad idea to make up a phrase like toxic hunger is that it takes personal responsibility away from people. If someone makes wrong food choices then they can blame it on the new disease with capital letters instead of just realizing that they have a choice to make that exists outside the realm of doctors and medical studies.

quote One doctor was more on the right track noticing that even though my glucose was below 70, it would have been a lot lower in order to explain my horrible hypoglycemic-like symptoms, but he wasn't able to make the connection it was my heavy meat and fat diet that was causing it.

Dr. Fuhrman also states that he believes either all or most causes of reactive hypoglycemia is actually the result of toxic hunger.

there is no such thing a toxic hunger. you can choose to eat what you want plain and simple. making it into a disease is really desttuctive for people.

quote Again, according to your logic, most diseases don't exist because most diseases will heal from eating the correct diet. I guess scurvy doesn't exist either cause all you have to do is change your diet!

again you are putting words into my mouth. i never said that, and i never said that eating healthy will cure all diseases. if you want, then quote me exactly, but don't make up things that i never said.

quote It sounds also like you just don't like the name of this disease, toxic hunger. Call it protein toxic as Dr. Fuhrman also sometimes refers to it as, but most hunger symptoms are not true hunger in our over-fed society, but also withdrawal symptoms from a toxic diet.

now you are onto something. protein toxic has a totally different meaning that toxic hunger. it is more specific and actually means something. then again dr fuhrman is also trying to get his 5 minutes of fame. he didn't really invent anything or come up with anything new. basically his whole schpiel can be summed up with the phrase 'people should eat healthier'

quote And for you to suggest it was an allergy causing my problems is simply idiotic. If you're allergic to something, the more you ingest the worse it will make you feel. I wouldn't feel better unless I ate a LOT of any type of meat per meal, whether it be steak, pork, chicken, or fish, because since I was protein toxic, a heavy protein diet was acting like a drug that I was experiencing withdrawal effects from the further I'd go from my last fix.

i don't know the specific of what made you feel better, just that you went on a juice fast and felt better. just like tons of other people. but they didn't make up a nonsense phrase like toxic hunger or have to cite references by a doctor just to rationalize that what they were doing previously was not good for them. they simply go on a fast, or make a dietary change and that's it. i don't understand all the drama and flowers surrounding everything. why does there have to be a new disease created just to signify your old eatng habits. why can't it just be a simple thing that you made a change in your life to eat healthier and that's it?

all of these food syndromes have been written about ad nauseum by doctors over the past hundred years or so. there is nothing much new under the sun. i don't know if it was an allergy you had. or maybe some addiction. i don't know what exactly your health problem was. sometimes eating healthier resolves people's health problems. it's a grey area. so you may never know the true cause of it. but you're feeling better of course so why quibble over the exact terms and spend all this time trying to make other people believe they have the same thing as you? cripes, curezone has like 10,000 posts of people juice fasting and feeling better, but no one is trying to add a new entry into the medical manuals.

quote Someone who has the same horrible hypoglycemic-like symptoms I had and their only relief they are aware of is have to eat a lot of meat would never dream of attempting to juice fast and switch to a mostly vegetarian diet without reading about Dr. Fuhrman's revelation.

that's just totally untrue. a lot of people make changes to their diets. curezone has a lot of people who did the same thing. revelation? lol. is he a religious prophet? fyi people have been fasting for thousands of years.

quote But Dr. Fuhrman's diagnosis and remedy was right on the money and there's an infallible way the makes me say that; it healed me when no one else's diagnosis and remedies did. He saved my life.

it's good it worked for you. fuhrman didn't save your life, you saved your life. you made the choice to follow his recommendations and follow through with it. fyi there are scores of other doctors or books you could have also followed that are the same as fuhrman.

quote So please, stop talking about stuff you know nothing about and STAY OFF MY TREAD.

i don't understand your anger. and how do you know how much i know? you're not doing anyone any favors by hyping this whole thing. bottom line is that some things work for some people and some not. it can't be any simpler than that. you were eating too much meat or whatever and you changed to eat less meat and more vegetables and you had a positive experience.


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