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Re: Can Mercury Be Passed on From Mother?

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joegrane Views: 2,356
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Can Mercury Be Passed on From Mother?

"I have just about every symptom of Mercury poisoning. I'm aware that there could only be so many symptoms to each disease, therefore it's a little hard to self-diagnose."

== I'm sorry to hear about your poor health. I admire you for continuing to look for better answers. I wish I had not just trusted my doctors who did nothing for me. I waited many years to look for better answers.

== Drs Cutler and Pompa in this interview discuss the difficulties they faced in getting diagnosed for their mercury problem and explain what they did to get much better.

The thing is, I was blessed with perfect teeth [just about the only blessing I have!] so I've never had any silver fillings or any kind of fillings for that matter. I've never broken a thermometer that I'm aware of. I dislike any kind of fish except salmon but haven't ate a significant amount throughout my life.

"My mother, however, has a whole silver cap [not filling] and has had one since before having any children. My sister has autism which I've heard is linked to heavy metal poisoning. We were both breastfed for more than the amount of recommended time. We both have had all of our vaccines..."

== This doctor and mother of an autistic son had this to say. Fortunately her son improved nicely on treatments that included frequent dose oral chelation with DMSA + ALA.
1. had 21 Amalgam fillings in my mouth while I was pregnant
2. ate tuna at least 3 times a week while pregnant
3. used thimerosal-containing contact lens solution while pregnant.
4. he got all vaccines "on time", all the ones that could have possibly contained mercury did contain it."

== Certain forms of mercury cross the placenta. Also taking certain supplements will likely kick up mercury and increase the odds that it will get across the placenta to the child. Cilantro and alpha lipoic acid might be the most dangerous.

"I also have adverse reactions to anything containing sulfur".

== Yes Andy Cutler indicates that about 40% of people with a mercury problem will have this problem. Certain supplements might help somewhat. However, There does not seem to be any magic bullet to resolve it over the short term. We tend to avoid foods that are high in sulfur/thiols. More than a few people report that the situation gradually improves with many months of chelation.

"Cleansing and trying to rid myself of Candida has only made me sicker and sicker. I did a very short heavy metal cleansing and now I seem to have a serious liver problem."

== Please be careful! People with more than a mild mercury problem usually have some liver problems. "cleanses" that are helpful to fairly healthy people can be dangerous to us!

"Here's my thread explaining some of my symptoms:"

==A few comments on your symptoms:

==Candida--Hg has a negative effect on neutrophils, part of our immune system. At the bottom of this page is a video clip of a neutrophil having some candida for lunch :)

Cutler has tips for supporting neutrophils and combatting candida; however, there is rarely a quick fix for those as sick as you are. We have many reports that it gradually gets better as your immune system improves.

==Eggs are high in sulfur. You most likely will have to go easy on consumption. Some have to religiously avoid sulfur foods.

==MCS & Liver symptoms. I suppose you know this can be Hg's effects on the liver. I strongly suggest that you get some help. You don't want to just try stuff. People have gone before you and have improved. I strongly recommend that you connect with Colette, one of the moderators of the Yahoo Frequent Dose Chelation group. Her MCS was worse than yours when I met her two years ago. At one point she could only eat maybe a dozen foods. She was in bad shape. She is much better now but she has chelated for maybe 5 years.
Consider including small doses of niacinamide--NOT niacin! Cutler explains around p41 of his book, Amalgam
I had sensitivities to certain perfumes and diesel exhaust when I was at my worst. The scent would wake my from sleep when the source was on the other side of the house!

== I'm surprised that the digestive enzymes are not helpful. They are wonderful for me. I too used Enzymedica but other brands help too. Maybe you are one of those who need to start with really low doses of things.

==Muscle wasting. I get this if I'm not getting enough magnesium. Mg is one of the critical supplements for Cutler's detox system.

== Anxiety. So common, especially in the women who have an Hg problem, including a very close female friend. There is too much to write here but adrenal support, Mg and certain amino acids have been wonderful for my friend.

"So, my question is, do you need silver fillings to have a significant amount of Mercury poisoning?"

== Some of us are really sensitive to Hg. Also some have other toxins that combine to multiply the effect. Sometimes we've had exposure that we are not aware of, e.g. broken thermometer in a carpet, etc. Dr Boyd Haley addresses the issue of the synergistic effects of various toxins in this long presentation.

"P.S. I've had a hair analysis done and the only elevated heavy metal was aluminum. The doctor said that could still be a problem if it's actually because my body isn't ridding itself of heavy metals. I don't know though."

== That is quite correct. Dr. Amy who I quoted above went on to do a study with Dr Boyd Haley on this issue.
Reduced Levels of Mercury in First Baby Haircuts of Autistic Children Amy Holmes, Boyd E. Haley, etc.

The highly autistic children typically showed very low mercury in the hair. In contrast, healthy children showed levels of mercury in hair that were consistent with the mother's level of exposure to mercury.

== Andy Cutler has a theory about how Hg affects the non toxic and essential elements in certain hair tests. He and Dr Amy discuss his theory here.

== Those who are using Cutler's detox method will get a particular type of hair test where we look for the *effects* of Hg on other elements. There are 600+ such hair tests along with symptoms at this site.

== While the Curezone groups will be useful to you I suggest that you join Yahoo's Frequent Dose Chelation where there are people who have had your symptoms and have gotten much improved. Get a comment from Colette who has been where you are. John A. from SE Asia has severe intolerance for sulfur foods. You might identify with much of what this teen member wrote about his battle with mercury. He is active in FDC and would be happy to chat with you.

His hair test is #389 and is very suspicious for the effects of Hg on the essential elements according to Cutler's theory.

There is so much more that could be said! I hope you will consider chelating, but *please* do you homework before jumping in! You read what the teen at the link above suffered when he experimented with cilantro. We've had similar reports in FDC. Be careful!

Best wishes and God bless you in your recovery,

Joe, 2 yrs Cutler Protocol and improving nicely.


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