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Re: what is a cyst?

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: what is a cyst?

I think this is great news that this came out of you! Tapeworms are supposed to be very hard to get rid of, and you need the scolex to come out or else it will just grow back. Nice work!

As for the cyst, I know it can cause anxiety, but unless cysts form in the brain, cysticercosis is pretty benign in most cases as far as I know. I've got what I suspect are 4 pork tapeworm cysts on the left side of my body. They are all located on striated muscle (forearm, thigh, back and stomach). I'm not sure exactly how or when I got them, but it's pretty easy to. I don't even eat pork! I've had them since I was 16 or younger (now 30).

Let's say someone with a pork tapeworm doesn't wash their hands properly after using the bathroom (eggs are released in bowel movements) and then touches a public door handle which you then later touch and inadvertently place the tapeworm egg in your mouth and swallow it. The egg travels through your bloodstream and settles in muscle or brain and actually tricks your own body to form a cyst around it for protection! This is how it bypasses detection (and death) from your immune system - it hides in a shell of your own making. After some years this shell apparently calcifies and the scolex inside dies (but then again, maybe it's just waiting for you to get eaten by a wild animal so it can find a host to live in). Either way, it should be harmless to you, but continuing with the diatomaceous earth might help your body attack it.

I've been searching for ways to get rid of my cysts and just started taking diatomaceous earth today so I'll let you know how that goes. I already feel a slight achey tingle around the one on my stomach, which is the largest one (about 1 cm wide). I'll be a very happy woman if the DE can chip away at the cyst and let my immune system have at 'em!

I don't think it's dog tapeworm you have, trust your instincts and dreams! I had a dream two months back that showed a dark pink roundworm sneaking into my bloodstream through my finger and in the dream I tried to grab it and stop it, but it got away. I saw an actual worm just like this when performing an enema a few weeks later and then started adding apple cider vinegar to enemas to kill any other worms. I had a few more just like it come out half decomposed, which is the main reason I started with the DE now - to get em all! Plus it's not healthy to do daily enema for more than a week or ten days (your intestines get "lazy" which can lead to constipation.)

I find keeping a sense of humour also helps - like mock singing Circle of Life from the Lion King when I get too grossed out ;)

You will prevail, just keep at it. Also you can try taking fresh ground cloves every day to kill egg stages in you that DE might miss, and remember, DE cuts the worms up a bit, and after passing thorough your digestive system, it's unlikely you'll get an intact organism in the toilet bowl.

Another method that I've heard works REALLY WELL is zappers! I just ordered one from here today:
(I have no affiliation with the company btw, you can buy many different kinds of these, but the price was right for me on this site). They apparently work against parasites and many other nasty pathogens. Can't wait to see how I do with mine...

Anyway, good luck to you ;)

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