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Advice for coping with detox from prescription painkiller
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Published: 9 years ago

Advice for coping with detox from prescription painkiller

Hello, Dr. Hardy,

Thank you for contributing in this way! I injured my back, which became worse and I ended up on cheap insurance, not able to afford my usual alternative docs, and finally, thinking it would be short term, got onto opiates/opiods for a bit over a year. I tapered almost totally off of Dilauted, and wish I had kept just doing that, as I didn't have w/d symptoms; but my pain doc suggested trying Gabapentin, which I only used for 24 days (tapering up to 1200mg/day and then back down to nothing, in that time). I was off of the Dilauted totally within the first week and a half of the 3.5 weeks or so of Gabapentin. So, I was off of all opiods for around 2 weeks by the time I quit the Gabapentin.

Then, about 48 hours after I ended the Gabapentin, I got horrible w/d symptoms. They were so bad, and just escallating, that I went back on the Gabapentin, titrating up to 600mg/day, half of the max I'd been on. Now, I've been at that for about 2 days and am itching to get the rest of the way off - But, having done some reading online about addiction withdrawal (since I'm not emotionally, only physically, dependent, I"m not really "addicted"; I just have to find a way to get through the detox.), and Gabapentin w/d in particular, I now understand that it can be very horrible from 3-10 days or so, and I couldn't tolerate 2 days...So, I'm trying to find a way to take the edge off, without more dependency, like by using Subutex (which would only help if part of the problem is that the Gabapentin is masking some of the opioid withdrawal, and not with whatever is from the Gabapentin, itself).

I already take vitamins, magnesium, zinc, B's (plus B12, and I'm about to get some B1), various antioxidants, and flax oil, ginger extract (doesn't help) and one homeopathic (gelsinium). My symptoms were: intense nausea but not heaving (yet), extreme dizziness and a sense of the world shaking when even just my eyes moved (a doc online said it has to do with an external eye muscle being temporarily paralyzed), extreme crankiness due to sensory overwhelm making it hard to attend to external stimuli (like someone talking or making noise somewhere), visual oddities similar to double vision, difficulty focusing, listlessness, and a weird racey mental energy that made it seem like I both didn't exist when my eyes were closed, and was existing as sort of like shreds of thought - that and the dizziness were the worst. The effort to respond to any requirement was huge, just to pick out the relevent stimuli and ignore the others. I was able to "pull it together" because I'm a meditator, but it was hard and I'd like some help! I don't know that I'd be able to keep it together for more than the 2 days, even if I do taper more slowly. I actually kind of wish I could afford that drug detox where they put you to sleep, medically, and wake you up when you're done, but I can't!

I got to this site by googling "gold ormes recovery", and ended up here after checking around the site a bit. I know it's not up your alley, probably, but I'll ask my original question, anyway: Ingesting ormes seems iffy; but if the praise for it is true, maybe it would help to keep the mental w/d symptoms in check. Do you have an opinion on its safety? Also, any other suggestions you have would be welcome.


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