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BB Cure?????? (Fecal, Sulphur, Etc)
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Published: 10 years ago

BB Cure?????? (Fecal, Sulphur, Etc)

I'm still testing this out, but I absolutely HAD to share this now...

In my exhaustive research/trial-and-error to find some type of relief from my GHASTLY bad breath (which has ranged from fecal, sulfur, rotten eggs, urine, sewage, "period"-blood (I know...), etc., and seems to stem from deep below the surface of my tongue), I stumbled upon BHT "Black Hairy Tongue", a condition that strikes the tongues of rabid smokers where black hairs and putrid bacteria grow out of the back of the tongue. Even though it's not the same as my BB, I was curious to find out how it was treated. After even further research and reading lots of medical journals, etc., I found that there is a treatment for BHT that might come in handy for tongue-based BB. The treatment was.....

TCA (trichloracetic acid) to PEEL the layers of the tongue!! I know...crazy!! But maybe just crazy enough to work!!! So I purchased the stuff online (there's dozens of beauty websites that sell it for older women who want to peel their facial skin at home to look more young/taut). Anyway, I got mine from There are lots of different strengths, but the medical journal recommended 60%, or two consecutive 30% peels. So I purchased the 30% (it was all I could find).

I was SCARED TO DEATH to do this. Because I thought I would swallow ACID and die some horrible death. But then, I kinda wanted to die from stinking so bad and for so long lol. So I summoned the courage and applied it to my tongue (using cotton gauze swabs and latex gloves). I soaked the gauze in the TCA then smeared it across my tongue, starting at the back. After a few seconds, it will BURN, but not like fire. It's a CHEMICAL BURN, and boy can you tell the difference! You have to let it burn its way through the top layer of the tongue, but the first time I tried it I didn't last very long. The TCA comes with a neutralizing spray and directions to rinse with cool water after neutralizing the burn. I did this almost right away. The tongue area will go white as soon as you apply the TCA, and will stay white once you neutralize it. It takes a few minutes, but it's not very painful, just kind of stinging & burning that starts small and grows with intensity, then mellows out again. The side effects are peeling lips (and fingers, if you forget gloves), but not terribly--more like slightly chapped. The trick is to straighten the tongue and let the pooling saliva spill down (I do it over the sink). After it's neutralized everything will taste weird and the tongue feels kind of numb due to the dead skin covering.

Next you have to wait for the dead skin layer to be ready to peel off (for me it's like 2-3 days). During this period, all of the bacteria in that dead skin will just be sitting there and STINKING TO HIGH HEAVEN!! (Those things really CAN'T DIE) but hang in there!!! Once its ready to peel off you will know because, like a scab when it's ready, you'll start teething it off subconsciously (it will also peel when you brush it). Then you have to find the best way to scrape it off cleanly. I use tweezers, fingernails, and even a steak knife (my favorite! It sounds crazy but it's the BEST way to clear large areas of the dead skin). A tip for cleaning: Dry the tongue often before you scrape, the saliva tends to make the scraping utensils slip and slide around (AND BE CAREFUL!!!)

Anyway, after you get all the dead skin cleaned off, the tongue will be beautifully PINK and the smell will be reduced by 20-30%. But you can't enjoy this very long. You have to get right back to it the next day, starting all over again.

So far I've done this 3 times and I SWEAR my breath is 60% less severe!! After 2 or 3 more peels, I'm hoping it will be gone for good.



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