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New to parasites and not enjoying them!!
vengefultrust Views: 2,624
Published: 10 years ago

New to parasites and not enjoying them!!

Hello! I have recently been going through a rough time and after a lot of google searches I found curezone. I've spent hours reading through posts and finally decided to join in the hopes of getting some support and just not feeling so alone in this battle I'm fighting. I'm looking forward to being there to support all of you through your struggles as well :)
At this point I am starting to panic and am feeling hopeless. I guess I will just start from the beginning. My husband and I have small zoo of cats and dogs, and I have always been very good about making sure they are clean and protected from any possible ďinvadersĒ. Somehow we ended up with fleas, and I have been diligently working to get rid of them, but they are still plaguing us over a month later. The fleas were making me miserable, some of my pets developed allergies to them, others got anemia.. and I feel like it would be easier to buy a new house than get rid of these fleas!! I didnít think the situation could get worse, and it does seem like we are making progress with the fleas, but I started noticing some other symptoms in some of my animals (weight loss, lethargy, constipation.. among other things). After doing some research, it looked like they might possibly have worms. I forgot to mention that we recently adopted a kitten who was dewormed as soon as we got him. So I was a little more wary about the whole worm issue. Then I read about fleas causing Tapeworm if ingested. I never knew anything about intestinal parasites before this, because I never had to deal with them. I figured there was a good chance that was what was causing the animals symptoms so I ordered them some Praziquantel as well as another broad spectrum wormer just to be safe. I just ordered that a few days ago and am waiting to receive it. While all this was going on, I made a joking comment to my husband that ďgreat, now we probably all have worms!!Ē I didnít think much of it.. until I started thinking! And here is what I thought:
I have lost about 10 pounds in about 6 weeks and had no appetite at all. I figured it was due to stress. My hair has thinned and looks very unhealthy, figured that was also stress related. This continued with a few more realizations of things that Iíve been experiencing and chalked up to stress. I considered the thought that I might have gotten a tapeworm, but figured it was probably unlikely. Until I used the bathroom one day and saw something slithering around on the toilet paper I wiped with. (Never thought Iíd be saying that sentence in my life lol!) This began my extensive research into intestinal parasites and I started to self treat with herbs (garlic, cloves), take vitamins, start a probiotic, change my eating habits.. and do anything possible to eradicate my body of whatever was in it. I told my husband about all this and he informed me that he has been seeing ďwhite specksĒ in his poop. After that he saw a moving specimen, so he joined me in my treatments. I have passed quite a few segments and eggs, but I havenít managed to get rid of it yet. A few nights ago I tried a Sugar bath with no success. Last night I almost choked on a clove of garlic.. but I am determined to get this suc*** out of me. My hubby decided to go to the Dr. They took a sample and of course it came back negative and they gave him literature about all of the wonderful microrganisms that live in us and basically told him heís a nut job. He said his sample had lots of white specks in it so he was surprised it came back negative.
So I am continuing to research, and continuing to take garlic and cloves and thyme, and all the other things I mentioned. Then suddenly last night I felt this AWFUL sensation like something bit my butt. Just for a second and then it stopped. Then it happened again, and continued to happen randomly. I took a look down there and my poor butthole (for lack of better words at this point) is all red and swollen. I also have a rash on my inner thighs and butt cheeks, it looks like pimples that are just sprinkled in random spots. I think that the biting sensation is when ďtheyĒ are wiggling out of me, so I have been clenching tight since then, which stopped the pain, but I also donít want to be holding them in.. I havenít gone to a dr yet, but I assume Iíll get the same result as the hubby did. I have read up on taking pet meds, but it doesnít look like people have had much success with it. So Iím not sure what to do other than continue what Iím doing and possibly add some other herbs.
The other thing is that I have asthma and in the last month I have been having issues with my chest being tight and coughing, which is very abnormal for me. Iíve read that these parasites can make their way up to your lungs, so now Iím freaking out about that too. I am desperate to get rid of them, the pain they are causing me now is really bad, and I canít keep clenching my cheeks together forever. I know a lot of you have gone through similar things. Does anyone have any success stories, ideas, or words of wisdom or support? Iíll be deworming all of the animals as soon as their meds get here, but I donít know what to do for myself  The hubby doesnít seem to be bothered much and isnít having any symptoms other than slight GI issues that really bother him, and the white flecks. So he isnít sharing in my panic to GET THESE THINGS OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhh I feel a lot better just getting all of that out. Thank you all for listening and if anyone has any advice on getting rid of the tapeworm, or minimizing the pain and symptoms I would love to hear! I hope you are all doing well!

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