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Can't figure out what's wrong with my liver and/or gallbladder
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Published: 7 years ago

Can't figure out what's wrong with my liver and/or gallbladder

A few weeks ago, I started with a couple of these digestive enzymes (Pan-Ox-5) before meals:

And then started to get a new symptom added to my long list of symptoms - I started to get a weak feeling after eating, especially in my right hand/arm. The feeling got progressively worse over a course of a few days until one night after eating I got extremely lightheaded, then I felt like I wasnít getting enough oxygen, especially to my brain. I felt very weak and had to lay down, eventually my whole body went weak, I could not lift a limb. They felt disconnected to me. I started getting really hot, took a lot of energy to even speak. I went to the ER and my blood pressure was sky high. But I ended up feeling almost normal again before they finally took my blood. They said everything was normal except I was a little dehydrated (even though I drink more than half my body weight with a pinch of Sea Salt per day).

Iíve since stopped taking the digestive enzymes and started taking Digest Gold, but I still get the extreme lightheadedness after eating. It especially happens after I eat a decent amount of protein. Because of this, I tried a high veggie/carb diet for about 4 days, but still got the feeling except plus an overall nauseous feeling since I have severe Candida. I also have adrenal fatigue so my hypoglycemia symptoms got worse. So I couldnít continue with that diet. I started eating protein again, but more of a balanced diet, but now my skin is starting to look sickly yellow after meals/darker under eye circles Ė but clears up in a couple of hours.

I donít know what I did :(. These symptoms started exactly a day or so after I started those digestive enzymes. It could just be a coincidence though, I donít know. I just donít understand. Iím scared and thinking of the worst, hepatitic C or something. Iím even thinking I have Lymeís.

Iím losing weight again after successfully going from an unhealthy 105 lbs to a more healthier almost 115 lbs after adding pancreatic enzymes a few months ago. Now Iím already down to 111 or so. This is bad as I am 5í6. My stool went from being a nice shape and brown in color to pale colored and always sinking with undigested food in it. Today a new symptom started correlated to this and thatís liver pain. Iím starting to get really itchy skin as well. I did a coffee enema a few days ago and didnít hear a noise from my gallbladder like I used to. I would do a Liver Flush but donít think my body could physically handle it, especially since Iím loaded with parasites. I would do coffee enemas more often but my adrenals wouldnít agree with that.

I don't want to even eat anymore because of this feeling, but I have to eat every couple of hours due to adrenal/hypoglycemia issues. Therefore I basically always have that extreme lightheadedness feeling, accompanied by fatigue and extreme brain fog. It makes me feel pretty much non-functional. Just no way to live.

Could someone please shine some light on this situation? My liver was fine before the digestive enzymes or so I thought, except a little sluggish as to be expected with severe Candida/ parasites etc, but now all of this. I just donít understand nor know what to do.

Thanks so much.

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