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Published: 10 years ago
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I'm not sure what you mean by paranoid...and you really call doctors persuading parents to circumcise babies a "parent making the choice all on their own" when there was no advice in the 80's...then sure they did it on their own, but they didn't have a choice to be honest because they didn't know there was another option, they believed it was something everyone had to get done. Which of course they understand now that they were wrong (considering 80% of the world is kept intact, and it is only concentrated in few certain parts of the world), and in the last year we have started a non profit organization to regenerate the foreskin at
and have already started there are a lot of angry people upset about what was done to them without their consent, it's not some Conspiracy or whatever you want to call it, you're born with it, you deserve to choose if you should have it or not, not your parents or some doctor. If you don't want it on you, then by all means don't keep it when you can understand the choice you are making.

But like I said I personally do not wish to get in this discussion, if you feel the need to bring that topic up feel free to go to the forums on that site or others...I only mentioned it here briefly because it was a reason why I do not trust doctors, and a big one.

And anyways, like I've said from the beginning, I started my website so you guys could WATCH me, what I say on my site is my personal beliefs based on my research and others' research, and if you choose to believe that it won't work then I strongly encourage you to find another alternative way to cure this. This is the method I am trying because I believe it will cure me eventually. I am allowed to call it a cure because there are at least two people that I have spoken with directly and confirmed that they used to have peeling lips, and now no longer do. Just because I, MYSELF, haven't been cured yet does not mean that the other people haven't either. So saying I don't have proof is false, I have proof from a couple other people who were daring enough as me and several other people now to try this extremely difficult way of living for so long. Not to mention I have only truly heard of one other alternative cure which we've all seen on so we have two different ways to cure this, and I don't see anyone claiming to honestly have a third. At least I have something to go for, and not hunting around the web for years thinking of possibilities. I already did that for 3, that was long enough for me. Come up with another method and please let us all know. Until then, I only see two that have truly worked so far.

I just ask that you please leave circumcision out of this forum, because I do not want this place to turn into a crazed forum since the reference is so personal. I only mentioned it because I thought it was nessessary for people to understand my point of view.

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