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Re: iodine for small children?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: iodine for small children?

iodine does not cause problems with the thyroid, lack of Iodine does.

my grandson takes 30mg of KI per day. this is one drop of SSKI every morning. he turns two this month and he has been taking this amount since he was 9 months old.

i use the CDC guidelines for nuke emergencies as a minimum daily dose for children. it works great and they thrive on it. potassium iodide(KI) is the best form for kids. it can be put in juice and taken any time, though morning is definitely best so it wont keep kids up. noahs mom has reported that if the KI is taken too late in the morning that nap time is spent just quietly playing in his bed instead of sleeping.

what are the benefits? the child is calm and attentive over 90% of the time. he loves interacting with people and has a strong desire to learn. his vocabulary is to large to count and he is putting statements and questions together using four+ words in a sentence. his body is fit for a toddler with no pudginess. he is as strong as an ox and can hold his own weight by his hands all by himself. he is extremely attentive and focused. he loves humor of all kinds. and he tries to sing, though he scowls a bit trying to do so. maybe he has trouble with pitch, i dont know.

he is remarkable because he is so normal and happy and healthy. he has never had an ear infection or sinuses that ran for more than a few days. never really been sick. eats like a horse. loves fresh fruit and yogurt and eggs and cheese. he does not drink milk, eat at fast food, drink soda pop or eat crappy snacks out of a box. his mother avoids wheat with him, too, as much as possible.

so forget this nonsense about Iodine causing harm to the thyroid. everything works better with iodine. EVERYTHING.


Adults should take 130 mg (one 130 mg tablet OR two 65 mg tablets OR two mL of solution).
Women who are breastfeeding should take the adult dose of 130 mg.
Children between 3 and 18 years of age should take 65 mg (one 65 mg tablet OR 1 mL of solution). Children who are adult size (greater than or equal to 150 pounds) should take the full adult dose, regardless of their age.
Infants and children between 1 month and 3 years of age should take 32 mg (½ of a 65 mg tablet OR ½ mL of solution). This dose is for both nursing and non-nursing infants and children.
Newborns from birth to 1 month of age should be given 16 mg (¼ of a 65 mg tablet or ¼ mL of solution). This dose is for both nursing and non-nursing newborn infants.


and like i said, that is a MINIMUM. they can take more if more is deemed necessary. to give you an idea of how much more just look at the dosage for children for PIMA(the prescription name for SSKI ):

SSKI -potassium-iodide-343399#1">


SSKI: 60-250 mg PO QID

so what does that mean? that means that SSKI is prescribed to children in doses of 60-250mg.

PO means by mouth
q means every (for example: qday = every day; q6h = every 6 hours)

qid means 4 times a day

Other commonly used abbreviations include BID (twice a day) and TID (3 times a day).

so there you have it. 60mg 4 times a day as an expectorant. and that is the low end for the youngest child. looks like tweens can take a gram a day. and if the teen is adult size, adult doses can be taken:


SSKI: 300-600 mg PO TID/QID

thats up to two and half grams a day.

why dont they use that any more? well, because patented medicines are prescribed instead and i think its because if people found out how good it was for you they would take it and not be sick nearly as much.

its just business, you understand. nothing personal.

so this is the big trade secret big pharma is keeping from people with their fear and loathing of iodine. as long as it remains a mystery and cause for fear then they will never run out of patients.


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