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Published: 15 years ago

My best teachers, by MH

I will make a DVD type collection available some day of my best teachers! It will be a large collection with some great teachers of the past and present and Trevor pictured here is one of my tops! My dog will be high on the list as well.

Trevor age 21 months put on quite a show in FL. He went in healthy and he walked for 1 hour on the beach and never touched his heals to the sand, I later gave the seminar that started out with the shodded feet that enslaves the human and at the end of the seminar Trevor came walking in on his tippy toes and proved even to the MAYO doctor that the seminar was correct, the healthy child has live normal feet of extreme power.

Trevor walks like a professional ballay performer, it is natural to him and he HATES ALL SHOES.

I videoed him on the beach, it even amazes me. His feet are extremely strong and it is just natural. His nick name now is Tippy Toes.

I will make pictures and even video available sometime.

Trevor had to adapt to FL and the mould in the hotels and the bug spray and disel fumes on the highway, so he had the croup for 1 day, his first sich day in his life, the price of the vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We used herbs, but he really cured himself, I watched him as he slept, he arose and fail with the clock every 2 hours as the earth turned, so did he and he balanced his energy in his sleep as nature guided his body, he himself had zero control, he was in perfect sleep. His body was instructed and guided in deep sleep, I was amazed as I watched my teacher.

How does a child fit in that walks on the tips of his toes??? Trevor is going to be so strong, yet he is just normal, but normal stands out like a freak amongst the ill children. He could excell in marshal arts or dance, etc. Even Brenda feels bad to put shoes on him as he whimpers as his foot is forced flat.

His legs and ankles are pure muscle and he can run!!!!

I have learned so much from my 9 year old dog or maybe I am her pet of 9 years??? I hope to befriend the animal impath we met and seek to communicate with my teacher and unlock some more of her secrets of obeying nature!!!! To have this dog tell me what she thinks about me and her life with us and what we are doing wrong, etc. will be just too cool!!! The 1 thing the impath stated most all pets throw in is that they HATE the food they are fed, well thats a no brainer, all pet owners torture their pets with commercial garbage foods.

I believe public education leads to ignoring 90% of our real lives and we are missing out on life its self in order to be slaves to the society as a whole. How would current life compare to a life that lived only on air and sunshine and communicated with all life on earth, to be able to communicate with every creature you met and you needed zero food and little shelter and only had sex when a child was desired. No need for $$$, no need for Power, no need to be anyones slave!!!

Those that do not send their children to public schools, those that live in the million dollar homes and travel the world with no cares and eat in fancy restaurants around the world just may be laughing at us tax payers!!!!


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