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Re: I need help with some sort of strategy

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joegrane Views: 3,090
Published: 11 years ago
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Re: I need help with some sort of strategy

"So I just found out that I have a root canal with a filling that I was not even aware I ever had in the first place.

== I don't think Amalgam is usually involved with a root canal but I have heard from a couple of people who reported that there was some. I don't know much about dentistry so won't be useful to you here.

"The thing about it is, I had taken chelators a year ago because ALA and chlorella are advertised for things aside from chelation.

"At the time I was not trying to chelate. But, I believe I had a worse case scenario where I created redistribution toxicity. Because shortly thereafter I developed considerable nuerological, psychological, and memory issues.

== I'm sorry to hear that. Yes, it seems that the ALA kicked up Hg and allowed levels of inorganic Hg to increase in the brain as the body moved towards equilibrium. We've heard many similar stories. A close female friend is one. It only took 10 days for her to loose 6 months of nice gains from amgalam removal and low frequent dose chelation.

"Since the damage is done, I cannot say that I am even all that scared of redistribution toxicity. If the chelators made me more ill, than I ATLEAST know they WORK.

== It is good that you are not afraid to use them. My friend was so fearful and fogged out after her ALA accident that she was too fearful to use ALA. Thankfully as DMPS and supplements helped somewhat she was able to understand the need to use ALA **properly** to clear out inorganic Hg from the brain.

If they worked once, they will work again. So I think I should restrategize and go back to chelating.

== Yes that is what you'll hear from Cutler and moderators of the big Yahoo groups. Getting a reaction to taking an Hg chelator is a strong indication of an Hg problem.

I am really interested in using ALA, IV drip DMSA, injectable glutathione, Bentonite clay, activated charcoal, chlorella, and cilantro.

== I encourage you to check out this discussion between Cutler and Dr Dan Pompa, both of whom had Hg related illnesses and got much better. They touch on the basic issues.

== Before you use IV glutathione please listen to the interview above. Also I have a video from Boyd Haley, former chair of the chem dept at the U of KY. He explains why it is foolish to use IV GSH rather than the precursors. Cutler seems to agree although he has even more concerns that should be addressed before jumping in.

== Lots of horror stories from use of cilantro. It sure seems to be like ALA--chelator of Hg that can move Hg across the blood brain barrier in *both* directions. It is not well known, unlike ALA. I can't think of any advantage of using it over ALA.

This 40 something female took 8 years to recover from her cilantro accident! You can follow her progress from her posts in the yahoo chelation groups.

I still think I will need to take a 3 hour dose of ALA for about 5 days on 5 days off.

However, I do have to find a holistic dentist and get this root canal/tooth taken out first.

== According to Cutler you'd just have to make sure there is no Amalgam there. Others such as Hal Huggins has other thoughts about the risks of root canals, but that is not a chelation issue, strictly speaking.

Then I have to do a couple months of careful dieting, fasting, liver flushing, detoxing, and getting my leaky gut syndrome under control first. I also have to take herbal cleansers from Barefoot, and go see the Chinese Pharmacy in NYC so I can get some good TCM liver, colon, kidney forumula to really get my detox organs prepared for chelation.

== Be careful, especially with the "liver flushes". This is more complex than it seems when Hg is involved. Cutler does not recommend that most people delay. They just use low doses and provide the appropriate support along the way.

I also want to point out that I intend to take IntraMax by druckers lab- an oral liquid isotonic multivitamin cleanser mineral supplement. I am going to take NAC and injectable methyl B12 definitely, as I need the B12 quite badly.

== Some find sublingual B12 to be adequate. NAC is problematic/tricky for many who have an Hg problem.

I even have some yardbird chicken eggs and hunza black himalayan salt for the sulfur. Some TMG for the methyl.

== Some have very bad reactions to TMG, SAM-e, M-B12. I heard a recent report from a member who became suicidal. Others do well with them.

And many many Ayurvedic herbs, more herbs, even mushrooms... I have been trying to detox a long time with no results... because I did not know I have mercury and lead and aluminum toxicity off the map.. Well I know now- definitely.

== With lead--my biggest probblem-- you'll probably want to use some DMSA at least at some point.

I believe chelation is the LAST step in terms of detoxing, and that you must prepare the body for it.

== Almost no new members are aware of how important adrenal support is. It might be more important than anything other than antioxidants, basic liver support, Mg and Zn.

But after I get the tooth out and after I get a couple months of detox under way, and THEN began chelation with chelation agents. What do you think this will do? Really looking for sound advice, and keeping an open mind.

== Even without all of the prep work, people usually get some noticeable gains in energy in the early months, often there are other gains from getting an appropriate comb of supplements and maybe medicine to offset the effects of Hg. Then there are months of ups and downs with gains and struggles as they tweak their supplement support and doses.

== Often it is after 10-12 months that things smooth out and you realize how much the treatments are working.

== Do your homework.

== Good luck.

== Joe, 2+ yrs Cutler Protocol with nice gains.

Thank You for listening

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