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whole world know human mites cause skin problem, and fungus infested people are more easy to get attacked
michellekansas Views: 9,114
Published: 7 years ago

whole world know human mites cause skin problem, and fungus infested people are more easy to get attacked

many shampoo for dandruff control has pesticide, and many Acne treatment has sulphur. But, they're not in the right way, that you only felt better for short time, and get worse in long run.
also, fungus is always mixed with mites infestation, since mites need fungus to break down the skin to digest----read from some medical articles.
many animal farms experiemce fungus/mites mixed infestation. I don't know why humans would not have this kind of disease? just antihistamine and steroid will hide the symptom, that many doctors go the short way, and drug companies earn easy money.
In chinese medicine, bateria infection is called hotness, fungus infection is called wetness, and also mites infestation is called poisoness. grasses are tried to calm the inflamation, to reduce the fungus, to kill the mites. I'm not good at this, but was cured easily by those.
Western medicine was derived from grasses, and then pure chemicals are made to have same effect.but now is going other ways---cure the symptom!
I believe traditional medicines can be replaced using modern chemistry, as long as we accept traditional medicine, and go beyond it!
While the whole asia knows mites cause most diseases, I don't know why US docotrs hide it? eyelash mites were found in 70's, in a show in US, and during recent years, Doctors start to tell, eyelash mites do exsist! But they do exsist! All oriental doctors agree! regular permethrine would ot work the long run cure!!! if you attrack them, they're every where!
So the key is: get rid of fungus in your body first! all know baking soda kills fungus, but they also kill off good bacteria in your gut and your skin, I now believe a baking soda flush followed by probiotic intake will do the trick. I know i'll get cured if I go back to my mother country, but my kids are here, so I tried hard to do ways can be found here. I still plan to go mother country, and see doctors, and know more about truth and cure. I'm not a doctor, I can not know too much medicine, I'm a patient, just like you. I tell what I experience, so we can figure it out together, a reason, a cure, so our kids will not suffer like we do! Ironic is traditional medicine might not be as good as chemicals in many ways, but before we have the right chemicals , they might be the best bet.Also, a mix of chemicals works wonders, and I don't know why we're not recommended to use them:
together, mites will die right away. But they make the stomach turn. also, they kill off good bacteria in your body, so make sure to take tons of plain yogurt 2 hours after.7 days a course, 2~3 courses. I'm still looking for best natural cures, before that, this combination , you can buy online,I'm still working on how to get the topical recipies.I wrote down millions of notes, I still have to re-read them, and figure out, with these first hand information, It will be easier for me to understand what the doc says, and try to figure out clues about the true ingredients, or I'll just try to buy it, ask for an offer, I did not get to go this summer, since my husband would not allow me! I plan to go next year, i do not have money to go, I have a college girl. I'll see if my husband can get some extra money next year, I'm determined to figure this out, so bear with me.
aloe vera fresh leaf is good for skin heal, tell all people you know. help each other, we'll have a brighter future.

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