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Re: Herbert M. Shelton and people quoting his literature
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Herbert M. Shelton and people quoting his literature


Herbert M Shelton is often quoted by todays adherents of Natural Hygiene and the fast, because he was the most experienced fasting supervisor of them all, after supervising 50,000 plus fasts in all states of disease and ill health.
He was not a licensed Doctor as in the Mainstream sense, or even wanted any connection with being a licensed Allopath, because he was not in agreement with the drug-based and surgery orientated approach in the treatment of disease (as curezone isn't today).

However, he had a long list of accredited health qualifications from health education schools, before the advent of the "Flexner Report" of 1910, which virtually abolished any health practice or modality that did not conform to the Allopathic drug/surgery model of disease treatment in the United States.
Dr H M Shelton D.P., N.D., D.C., D.N.T., D.N.Sc., D.N.Ph., D.N. Litt., Ph. D., D. Orthp.


"The link/conspiracy of Rockefeller and Carnegie and the monopoly of the drug cartel, dates back to the "Flexner Report" of 1910.
Flexner was John D. Rockefeller's "stool pigeon" in setting up the takeover of the entire medical school industry by Carnegie Foundation, which was a Rockefeller Foundation subsidiary at that time.......When you say "Carnegie Foundation", you're talking about something that has no substance. It's entirely under the domination of the Rockefellers. .................He (Abraham Flexner) did "The Flexner Report", and this changed the medical schools of the United States from homeopathic, naturopathic medicine, to allopathic medicine -- which was a German school of medicine which depended on the heavy use of drugs, radical surgery, and long hospital stays. That's what we've got today, allopathic medicine."---Eustace Mullins.

Yes, rather ironic that Dr Shelton could not cure his own case of what was actually "Parkinsons Disease" towards the latter end of his life, and there are two reasons for this, and as told by Dr Joel Fuhrman MD.
His diet was deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids (a naive mistake in the Hygiene diet) and in particular with a DHA deficiency; this coupled with a decades-long workload that would have killed a horse, and all for the sake of "the cause" of spreading the health-message of Natural Hygiene.
In other words, he din't practice what he preached and bore the consequences through overwork and a DHA deficiency, both of which destroyed his myelin sheath resulting in Parkinsons. By the time he knew what was wrong the pathology had become irreversible (or so he thought) and his health gradually deteriorated thereafter.

We should also bear in mind that in the 1920's, Dr Shelton single-handedly collated the works of all the therapeutic fasting pioneers dating from the early to mid to late 1800's, into one prolific volume entitled: "Human Life its Philosophy and Laws" and originally printed in 1928.

Sheltons contribution to our knowledge of the fast and the fasting process then is unparalleled and without equal, and the reason many of us still quote his own experience in disease states along with that of Dr Virginia Vetrano, his aide at his own Health School in San Antonio Texas.
We should also bear in mind that Shelton would also quote from and educate people in his books from the vast experience of other Doctors of Hygiene, and who to were experienced with the fast, including: Dr George Weger MD, Dr Russell Thacker Trall MD, Dr Isaac Jennings MD, Dr J H Tilden MD, Hereward Carrington PhD, Dr Stanley Bass MD and many many others.

Shelton was not infallible of course, (is anyone?) but the guidance he offered to his readers via his books and the voluminous series he wrote on Orthopathy, not to mention the seven volumes he wrote entitled "The Hygienic System" stand as monuments to one of the greatest health pioneers of the 20th Century.

"Dr. Shelton represents one of the world's greatest authorities in "Natural Hygiene", a philosophy and method of living according to the laws of life and Nature's plan for men's highest health and happiness, compiled from 175 years of experience of some of the most brilliant medical doctors and teachers. He was also the foremost authority on the use of fasting in the treatment of diseases, in which he supervised approximately 50,000 cases"...............
Dr Stanley S. Bass N.D. D.C. Ph.C., Ph.D., D.O., D.Sc., D.D.
in The Life Science, 2005



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